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Super Mario 64

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Reviewer: Red Date: Jun 10, 2022
The launch title of the Nintendo 64, this game was made to show off the capability of the console, but of course it's much more than a simple tech demo. This game was Mario's smooth as butter transition to 3D, and is a beloved classic to this day.

Graphics: 7
Like most games in the N64 library, this game has some rather pointy and blocky graphics with low-res textures and at times can be a bit uncomfortable to look at. However, due to its bright and cartoonish art style, I'd say that it's actually aged pretty well and isn't much of an eyesore at all. It's not trying to look like something that it's not. Well, except for some places that are a bit eerie and unnerving.

Sound: 8
The soundtrack is really nice. There's great use of leitmotif in a lot of the tracks, and they're just mostly nice to listen to. Whether it's a silly goofy time stomping goombas, a relaxing swim with the fishes or a stroll in a haunted house, the soundtrack doesn't ever fail to set the tone. Oh, and let's not forget the horrifying sounds emitted by the piano. You know the one.

Gameplay: 9
This is the entire reason you even play the game. Despite this being their first time working with a 3D environment, it seems like they knew exactly what they were doing. The game consists of many levels that can be completed in almost any order you wish containing boss battles, platforming and puzzles that are an absolute joy to play through. The castle and courtyard you start in serves as a sort of hub world from which you can enter the levels. Each level is its own unique, self-contained world with its own weird and wonderful environment.

Overall: 8
A great game that I would recommend to people of all ages. A great time-killer that you can invest a lot of time into, finding the secrets hidden in each of the 15 worlds in the game. Hunting down each and every star in the game may sound like a chore, but it is absolutely a fun and rewarding experience.


Reviewer: Tariq Date: May 27, 2019
Wanna see a game that started all of the excellent 3D Mario games we have now? Well, look no further when we have a game titled Super Mario 64 specially made for the Nintendo 64!

Graphics: 5
Unfortunately, due to the N64's low graphic quality due to it not being strong enough, it is no surprise Super Mario 64's graphics are quite blocky especially Mario himself. To be fair, the graphics are bright and colourful, perfect for young gamers.

Sound: 7
The music and sounds in this game are fairly decent. Nothing too special, just nice and charming. However, it does replay the music a lot of times which can get a bit old for a while.

Gameplay: 8
The best thing about Super Mario 64 is the gameplay itself. You are either platforming, solving puzzles or fighting a boss and it does it just right. Sadly, there are levels that require you to swim underwater for a limited amount of time. Failure to do it quickly will lead Mario to drown after struggling to hold his breath for too long. These type of levels reverse the Up and Down options on the N64 Joystick and is pretty annoying. There is also a level called Tick Tock Clock and its machinery in the level are a bit too fast when it comes to rotating platforms. It's like it needs a robot with fast hands. Correct me if I'm wrong though. However, it does fix those problems by other fantastic levels that will keep you nice and steady.

Overall: 8
Super Mario 64 is a great game despite its problems. It is also the only reason we've got amazing platformers nowadays on our everyday consoles. Its clever platforming and its challenging puzzles makes the game a must get. It obviously remains one of the best N64 games. Heck, it's one of the best 3D platforming games ever to exist.

Keep in mind that this is my opinion and you may disagree with it and I'm glad you adore or hate this game.