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Reviewer: Phayon959 Date: Jun 11, 2011
This is easily my favorite RPG for the PlayStation. It has an incredibly unique turn based battle system that takes place both with the characters alone and with giant robots known as Gears in the game. the combat system consists of the player pushing button combos (after they are learned) to chain together attacks and finish off with a devastating finished blow. But enough about that on with the review.

Graphics: 8
The game blends 2D characters with 3D backgrounds and models and it does this flawlessly and actually makes the game look a lot better than if it would have had 3D everything. The characters would have been a lot less believable and this art style added a lot of flare to the screen. The Gears are 3D models but the characters aren't. this makes both of them seem equally important while at the same time drawing attention away from the Gears themselves so that the storyline and characters could receive the focus they needed. Aside from that the game also has some really cool animations for the finishing blows and all of the FMV's are done in full anime making them all the more enjoyable. The only real downside is that the whole 2.5D thing doesn't appeal to everyone. Some people I know played this game and it just bugged them a lot so it real boils down to taste. as for me, I likes it.

Sound: 10
The music in this game is one of the best things about it. Sadly I have been unable to get the sound to work perfectly through emulation (things like random battle sounds and menu noises don't sound right at all sometimes) but the music, thankfully, remains mostly unaffected. The opening music is one of those incredibly memorable ones and every time I start a new game I'm always blown away by how much I enjoy the music in this game. There is some voice acting as well for the FMVs but the English dub for the anime cut-scenes is (not surprisingly) lacking so it can take away from the mood a little bit but not all of it is terrible so it isn't a major mark off.

Gameplay: 9
The storyline is deep and serious. The mood is dark and a lot of times twisted and through provoking and the battle system and animations are phenomenal. I wish there were more games now days that had the kind of innovation that this one does and the battle system alone is enough to make me pop this game in periodically and replay it from start to finish.

Overall: 9
Overall the game is just flat out enjoyable. excellent story, breathtaking music and unique battles and art style make this a must have for RPG fans.

In closing I'd just like to say again that this game is a major gem in my opinion and it's a shame that there aren't more like it these days.