Adventure Island

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Reviewer: Axe Date: May 25, 2004
Adventure Island was one of the first games that would actually make the person try to beat it. There weren't any easy access warp zones or any little short cuts like that. Even the Game Genie codes weren't that helpful. This was ones of those games where someone could play it over and over and not get sick of it.

Graphics: 6
In spite of previous reviews, this game had some semi-good graphics for the time. Granted it doesn't even match what the PS2 or the N64 puts out but, come on. It was the 80s. They did what they could and it was great for those of us who remember growing up with it.

Sound: 5
Soundwise, yes it probably could've been better as most of the NES games of the time but it was alright for what it was. It had a pretty catchy, toe-tapping beat to it.

Gameplay: 8
This was a fun game as well as a challenging one. It wasn't absolutely impossible but it wasn't easy as anything either. It was very easy to die unfortunately but that's how things go.

Overall: 8
Overall, this was a great game to play. It may have been a little out of whack as far as it's storyline went but who cares? It presented a fun as well as challenging atmosphere.

In closing, people should not badmouth this game. It was no worse than any of the other horrible NES games.


Reviewer: A Date: Mar 21, 2004
Graphics: 1
The graphics needed a lot of work. I couldn't tell what the main hero was supposed to be. He looked like a Mexican wearing a bush. Why would a guy wearing some kind of Garden of Eden-style bush-pants who uses a stone axe be wearing a baseball cap? The enemies were drawn poorly.

This game's graphics made me wish I was born blind.

Sound: 1
The sound on this game was dreadful. I turned the speakers off because I couldn't stand it. It sounded pretty lame, even for Nintendo standards. Did a group of deaf schoolboys compose this music?

Gameplay: 1
You start out as an I-don't-know-what. I think he's just naked or something. You smash these eggs and get various power-ups, the first being a stone-age hammer and the second being Tony Hawk's skate board. What? Can we stay in the same time period? Can we not skip around like this naked Mario-wannabe has a time machine? Furthermore, the enemies didn't make a whole lot of sense either. I don't know about you, but in my world snakes don't spit fish. How many times have you been walking through the woods and had a snake come up and start spitting blue gills at you? If you can name even one time, you don't live in this universe.
Here's another thing: why was "Pablo" sliding around on the grassy terrain like it's made of ice or something? Even in the first level, this little wannabe was sliding around like he was walking on a frozen lake or something.

Overall: 1
I hate this game and I think the creators need to put down their crack pipes long enough for their heads to clear out so they can make a game that makes some sense.

All in all, I give this game a big 1 all around because the graphics were lame, the storyline was...well, I don't really know, and the levels made no sense. I've never been high, but I bet it's a lot like being in this game.

My overall opinion: This game sucks!

I can't bring myself to say anything else. I'm almost afraid to play the sequels- which I can't believe actually got up to chapter 4. 4 OF THESE GAMES FROM HELL?! Oh gawd.....