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Reviewer: Seth Koopa Date: Sep 3, 2005
"Duck tales" is one of those cartoons I grew up with. As such, I went and got myself this game, the Game boy version of which I'd already played. While most Disney-into-videogame games don't turn out that well, this is one of the great exceptions.

Graphics: 8
I always thought the Game boy's graphics were better. The graphics are very good, make no mistake, and they do the "Duck tales" air good justice, but they simply could have been better. They give all that I would expect from a Disney game (maybe this game set my standard for that).

Sound: 8
While I'm not really fond of this music (not right now, anyway), there is no denying that it's very good. Transylvania's tune is really catchy. The music feels "Duck tales", so it does its job well.

Gameplay: 9
In this game, Scrooge McDuck goes (surprise, surprise!) on a treasure hunt. He can visit five locations (on a strangely-cramped map) to locate five different treasures; from the Amazon to the Himalayas, from Transylvania to the moon, each location is distinct in not only look, but challenges as well.

Controlling Scrooge is fairly easy, but jumping on his staff (which also serves as a pogo-stick, apparently) can sometimes fail unexpectedly with really frustrating results (especially when you're crossing dangerous terrain). Apart from that, though, controlling Scrooge is fairly easy to master.

On your travels, you will come across Scrooge's nephews Huey, Dewey and Louie, as well as Webigail and Mrs Beakly, all of which are quite eager to aid you in your quest, whether with useful information or health-ups. You may also come across the cooky pilot Launchpad McQuack, who, if you don't want to go on just now (or, as can be the case in the Amazon, can't), he's quite eager to fly you back to Duckburg. I wouldn't be surprised to hear that this is one of the origins (if not THE origin) of that option in games.

A great thing is that each location gives you the choice of selecting your own path. So if you do a bit of exploring, you may find real challenges that, when you complete, reward you with valuable treasures. The African mines in particular comes to mind, where getting a hidden (though not really hard-to-reach) treasure creates a major shortcut to the end of the level.

Asides of which, none of the levels are straightforward. Each possesses a unique puzzle or challenge that you must overcome. In the Amazon, you must pay a statue a great sum of money. On the moon... well, I don't want to spoil any more puzzles for you, but that one's one of my favourites.

With all of these elements and more, the game feels fresh from start to finish. It is, without a doubt, really fun to play. And the proceeding of the storyline is really unexpected.

Overall: 9
One of the best Disney games for the NES (and possibly other systems, as well). Whether you're a "Duck tales" fan or not, this game is sure to entertain and challenge you. It stays pretty loyal to the tv programme, but completely goes its own ways, nevertheless.

That map... it looks like it's several million years old, when the earth's masses all formed one mainland. Maybe everyone looked like ducks and whatever back then.


Reviewer: Jedi Questmaster Date: Nov 29, 2002
Duck Tales is a perfect example of what classic games were all about! This game is fun, challenging, and contains many secrets. It's not about trying to beat the game to get it over with.

Graphics: 7
There's not much to say but that the graphics do the job; it's easy to notice characters such as Launch Pad, Gizmo Duck, Bubba, Huey, Dewey, Louie, Webby, etc.

There is also a variety of places to visit around the world, including Translvania, The Amazon, The Himalayas, an a couple others.

Sound: 8
The music fits right into each setting, but most of them are short. The SFX is average and what you'd expect from an NES game.

Gameplay: 8
Controls: It's easy to grasp the technique of this game, you can only swing the cane when you're next to a solid object. To attack enemies, you must hold down + B while jumping, as long as these buttons are held, Scrooge will be doing a pogo jump. While pogo jumping, Scrooge can go over spikes and other dangers. It is also possible to swing the cane while pogo jumping, but not necessary.

The most important aspect of every game: Is it fun? Duck Tales is. It also has 3 levels of difficulty if you find it to be too hard. There aren't continues, just to let you know.

Overall: 9
Duck Tales has a high replay value, mostly since there are so many secrets, and the player can choose which area to start with, like in MegaMan. Duck Tales is one of those challenging games that are less frustrating; the action can get pretty high, but not high enough that you have to know what to do to get past it. Also, Launchpad acts as a save point, when the player reaches him, they'll start there when a life is lost. But when he takes you back to the Control Room, the stage must be done all over again.


There are secret treasures in each area, they are additions to the Treasures in each land.

To obtain the secret treasure in The Himalayas, climb down the rope next to Launchpad, then proceed left all the way. You should see Bubba, unfreeze him and he'll reveal where it is.

When you're score has a ""7"" in the ten thousands digit, go to Launchpad to take you back, he'll take you to a bonus stage.