EarthBound Zero

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Reviewer: Dragon Lord Date: Jul 13, 2002
Long ago his grandfather was kidnapped by aliens, he returned but started an odd study of telekenetics. Now, a young boy named Ninten must battle for the fate of the future of Earth and defeat the evil Geigue...

Graphics: 7
Poor graphics, even for NES. But not as bad as others.

Sound: 8
Pretty good music. Has many songs found on SNES's Earthbound such as The battle w/ Frank and the Sanctuary Guardians.

Gameplay: 8
Good storyline and you can really get involved into the storyline. The factory is very annoying though, and the story starts to get odd near the end. Also, It gets boring after you beat it.

Overall: 9
Good, but odd game. Has a great storyline but starts getting odd. Earthbound fans will like this game. There are four charecters, but you can only have three.

Great old game. Pretty close to the Earthbound SNES and fans would like this.