10-Yard Fight

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Reviewer: Scop Date: Nov 11, 2005
10-yard-fight is a 1985 NES football game. You have only nine men on your team, and you must charge down the oblong field and score. There are four opponents: high school, college, professional, and super bowl. It's a simple, mediocre game. It takes one to two hours to finish. Upon completion, it has no replay value, except with two players, which might be amusing.

Graphics: 4
Simple. The teams are different colors and have different logos in the endzone. The players are small with little detail. This doesn't take away from the game, though.

Sound: 4
Not much sound at all except for a few seconds of music and the sound of the player trotting down the field.

Gameplay: 5
You'll beat it, but you'll be tired of it before you do.
The players move slowly- You need patience just to watch your receiver run in motion. Luckily, you can snap the ball before he runs all the way across the line, though.

Overall: 4
It isn't too bad considering it was made in '85. If you want to play a football game for the NES, though, there is only one- Tecmo Bowl.

Strategy: Don't pass the ball. Run the option and toss it to your runningback. First downs will come easy. If your offense is flawless, your defense won't have to be, though it's not that difficult either. That's it; a simple game, nothing more to it really.


Reviewer: odog502 Date: Nov 15, 2003
This game is pretty simple. Not too hard to figure out. It was made in 1985, the same year as Super Mario Bros. So the game is pretty old by Nintendo standards. Theres not a lot of NES games made this early so Im going to go easy on it.

Graphics: 4
Graphics are decent. The field is deformed like no football field I have ever seen before. The markers in the middle are disproportionally wide compared to the rest of the field.

Sound: 2
Sound is pretty bad. In some parts it is totally lacking. Theres about 3 seconds worth of music throughout the whole game. The rest of it is just, tat tat-tat-tat tat-tat-tat. No sound at all when a tackle is made. I give this game a 2 instead of a 1 considering when the time the game was made and the fact it had sound at all.

Gameplay: 4
Gameplay is pretty redundant after about the 10th play. You just run the same play over and over into oblivion. The only variety is where the defense lines up. The rules are totally messed up too: Punting, instead of kicking a field goal for instance. You only have one receiver to pass to, which usually never goes more than 10 yards out for a pass. Youll probably do more passing from your running backs than you will from your quaterback(dont ask). Its funny how lineman manage to intercept passes right in front of the quarterbacks face. Also, its imperfect in that just by running diagonal across the field the defenders have a very difficult time tackling you. Still, the game is a slight improvement from the arcade version in the fact that you can actually play on defense.

Overall: 4
Ill give this game a 4 for "slightly below average" which is high only because Im giving it slack because of it being a very early nintendo game. It is also a two player game at least. Which gives it a little bit of replay value. One thing that totally annoys me is that some games have no ending, no final cutscene, or even a "congrats." They just go on forever. This is one of those games. Your reward for winning the super bowl is a message saying 'Your on the way to the Super Bowl' which is ironic being that I just won the super bowl.

the end :)


Reviewer: Skull Kid Date: Jun 15, 2001
This game has ok graphics if you like little dots running across the screen. The sound is ok, pretty good as far as some NES games go. The gameplay isn't very good, its hard to find out who you are and just trying to tackle someone is a great feat in itself. Overall this game is a 7 because it makes you so mad at the game you won't rest until you win a game on the easist level. Not my favorite, but a good game if you're bored.