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Reviewer: Mark Date: Jul 14, 2003
"Family Feud" is the long running gameshow that originally aired on ABC in 1976 with Richard Dawson; spawned a syndicated version, and lasted until 1985. It was revived in 1988 with Ray Combs; and again in 1998 with Louie Anderson; recently displaced with Richard Karn.

Graphics: 4
Graphics are weak, compared to the work done on Double Dare two years prior. The set closely resembles that of the original show (woodgrain set, etc.); even though the Ray Combs version had been airing for 2 years.

Sound: 2
Not much in the way of sound; the "bzzz" if you hit a strike; but that's about the extent for sound; there is an annoying 4-second repetitive piece of music that plays when you meet the families.

Gameplay: 1
A radical departure from the shows true rules-to win the money; you have to win $20,000 in Fast Money; the money you win before that goes into a "trust"; if you lose before you hit the $20,000; you lose everything.

Overall: 2
Overall, a weak effort from Gametek; but they did make up for it 4 years later on a much better version for the PC.


Reviewer: Joe Date: Jun 21, 2002
SURVEY SAYS! This game is based on the original Family Feud hosted by Richard Dawson. (Pretty evident by the way the host kisses all the ladies)

The rules on the NES version are based on the 1976 gameplay. ($200 wins the game, pass/play option available, $5,000 Fast Money wins)

Graphics: 5
Graphics are pretty mediocre. Then again, it's an NES game. The host moves in jagged, awkward steps, and some contestants look weird, but if you are a Feud fan, you know that this is rather irrelevant.

Sound: 3
It's less than desireable with the cheesy music and buzz-ins.
I think they did this to make room for all the surveys.

Gameplay: 7
The only downfall with gameplay is that 99% of the time, you must correctly spell answers in order for them to count, or you get a needless strike.

Sometimes, words synonomous to words on the survey aren't accepted
(eg family/relatives....... unleavened bread/matzoh)

Overall: 6
At least, you won't have to put up with Richard's antics if you give a ridiculous answer. I feel it's a decent game since it kinda holds to its TV counterpart.

I recommend the Super NES version of Family Feud over the NES version.