Fantastic Adventures of Dizzy, The

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Reviewer: Frost Date: May 3, 2003
An egg with a face and arms and legs coming out of its head: for such a strange and twisted main character, it sure made an awsome game. Although not an extrememly popular game, Dizzy was definately one of my favourite Nintendo games of all time. This game offers good graphics, nice sound, and one hell of a challenge, everything a good Nintendo game should have.

Graphics: 8
The graphics in this game are what the original Nintendo did best, good old cartoony graphics. When the graphics are not meant to look realistic, it puts a fun twist on the game. One thing I think this game did well that many others did not, is a good use of 2 dimensional depth in the background.

Sound: 10
If there is any game out there that deserves the full 10 for sound, it is definately Dizzy. This game has THE best music ever produced on the NES. To this day I still find myself whistling a happy Dizzy tune every now and then. While playing this game, sometimes you want to keep going just to hear what the next screen's music is gonna be. I don't think there is a single bad tune. As for sound effects, they fit nicely with the music, but nothing too extravagant.

Gameplay: 10
One thing newer games for newer systems these days lack is challenge. Today no one has the attention span to spend more than a few minutes on a single game. This is a shame, but back in the day Dizzy offered a challenge like no other. In this game you didn't just go around and kick people's ass, this game required brains! This game was full of walking around getting items and you wracking your brain trying to figure out what the heck they were for. Other than making it to level 100 in Duck Hunt, I think possibly beating this game was the hardest challenge for the NES.

Overall: 10
When you pack good graphics, with incredible music, and an incredibly good challenge, you are only asking for hours of good fun. This game has it all. Even if you do get frustrated because the game goes on forever and you can't save, you'll always find yourself leaving the system on for a few days at a time.

If you want quite a few hours to spend on a good game, try this one. It is definately worth your time!