Fester's Quest

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Reviewer: Whimsy Date: Dec 15, 2001
The bosses are tough, the stakes are against you, and the mental cost is high. It's Uncle Fester's Quest! This game takes place in a large city, and it's tough as hell. No game is this difficult, but this game is definatly possible. In this review I will try to add a hint or two.

Graphics: 8
They are not that bad! They are slightly simplistic, but so was Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles! The eenmies are repeatitive at some points.

Sound: 8
The same song is used everywhere, but it never gets boring. This is a great feature, and can be rare in some games. The weapons suit their noises, and the boss music is good. The sewer music is good, as is the maze (building) music.

Gameplay: 8
In terms of having 2 lousy health points, this is not that bad once you consider that near the beginning there is a lone building that has a hidden third health point. (Hint: look for a dead end,a nd move against it). The annoying factor increases when you find that you cannot ever refill your invintory unless you go back to the house you got said item at. I went through TNT, health, and invincibility potions like mad. And the latter 2 only come in 5's. Once you clear an area, you can't go back.

Overall: 8
This game is very fusterating, but unlimited continues make it more fun. Also, chasing down the Addam's is a task to look forward to, if only to see them in their origional video game form. Use nesticle save states for this! there is no save (A GLARING mistake!).

Be mindful of the fact taht this was produced before the cinematic flops, and you may see the charm. Give'er a shot! Oh, and to proove that I have completed this game, here's a bit of trivia: The ending involves people. I know thats vague, but this is a specific cluster. That should pass ;)


Reviewer: Jason Date: Sep 15, 2001
I played this game on the original NES long ago and thought that it was the hardest game I had ever played. Now, many games and consoles later . . . I still feel that this is the drop-down most difficult, annoying, stressful game that ever cursed a Nintendo system in any format. You only get two hits, the enemies never stop coming. I've gotten through the second level which is farther than most people do.
But yes, this is an Addams Family game. The only true interest is to serious gamers who wish to challenge themselves with this monstrosity. I rate it as well as I do because it breaks the mold on NES games versus many very easy games that are all too abundant. Manufacturers are too afraid to make a tough game this days. For that, I give it some bonus points.
(By the way, there is no save) So, if you don't have endless hours to devote to this game-- pass.


Reviewer: DABster Date: Jun 26, 2001
This game is weird, I have played this around ten times and everytime that I have played it I thought that it was a weird game not only cause you are fester and you are walking aroound with a gun and stuff but just that it is plain weird, I never really got very far on it either. I could only get like around the sewer area then I would just die, I would get this game only as a novelty. So if you are in the mood to play a dumb Addams Family game then be my guest and get this as fast as you can.