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Adventures of Lolo, The

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Reviewer: XanderWolf Date: Nov 4, 2005
Looking for a good puzzle game? Well you have found it. This should keep you busy for a while.

Graphics: 6
Decent graphics for a puzzle game. Lolo looks kind of like a drop of water on its side, with eyes. Its kind of hard to tell what the blocks you push around are, but I think they are flower boxes, or somethig like that.

Sound: 5
The sound is kind of neat at first, but its VERY repetative. The same 15 second music file over, and over and over...
There are a few regular sound effets, like when Lolo shoots his bubble thing.

Gameplay: 10
I'm giving this game a 10. Some of the puzzles will have you wracking your brain, until you realize how simple it was. You may slap your forehead multiple times with this one. The only real problem with this game is the fact that you start with five lives, and when they are gone, GAME OVER.

Overall: 9
Overall this is a really good game. Aside from the repetative music, the graphics are decent, and the gameplay is great. It's not a terribly long game, but that's why there are two others ;-)

I would say the second best of a series of three. For an even better puzzle game, check out Adventures of Lolo 2. This game is defenitly worth your time. Seriously. You'll love it.