Friday the 13th

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Reviewer: twisted_existence Date: Aug 23, 2006
SCORE!!! This game combines fun challenges, quick scares, and overall FRANTICS!! You select between 6 different characters spread out across a large map of Camp Crystal Lake. During the game, you're allowed to switch between the characters including 3 boys and 3 girls. What makes this game fun is that every character has his own attributes between weapon-throwing, jumping, running, or canoeing (this is helpful when Jason lunges at you suddenly from the lake!) There are actually a few situations in which Jason can strike without you'd better be prepared! Between the slasher action, the puzzle aspect, and the terrific soundtrack, Friday the 13th was an instant classic!

Graphics: 6
Graphics are decent, but you won't be thinking about them when you realize how fun and shocking the game can be.

Sound: 10
The cuts from this game range from upbeat to downright creepy from in and outside the cabins of the camp. It literally sends you through a cornucopia of emotions. The outside music is reminiscent of 70's disco and the music inside the cabins is a gaudy horrific melody that you're sure to enjoy.

Gameplay: 7
This game is just fun to play due to it's element of surprise, you never know when Jason's going to strike at you with his jagged machete. Your only defense is to double hit the back button to dodge his attacks and you must get your attacks in whenever possible.

Overall: 8
Overall, I'd say definitely play this game. It's got all the ingredients for a thriller, and it's impressive for an 8bit game. It's as entertaining as a lot of new games you'll find today!

If you can find your way through the maze in the woods, you can fight Medusa's head. I've only gotten there once as a child, but I just downloaded the game again and I'm trying to get back there. Happy hunting!


Reviewer: Sonikku Date: Mar 5, 2006
Played this game for years, still jump like a crazed idiot when Jason runs on screen. An OK game for the NES.

Graphics: 5
Graphics are.. Normal/Below average.. Not that good. Didn't amuse me. Campground looks like trash. Jason looks.. upsetting, and the counselors... just plain wierd.

Sound: 4
The sound.. SUCKS. (Cept for the creepy ass cabin music), The same music plays OVER AND OVER, The music when you fight Jason SUCKS HARDER (Sounds like the SHARK MUSIC I HATE), The sounds SUCK SO BAD I NEARLY GO INSANE.

Gameplay: 7
I love picking up weapons, Looking in caves and forests, Killing Zombies, Chasing Jason recklessly tossing random shit at him and trying not to get killed.

Yet, The game has a few flaws. Let's start with them.

You hardly have ANY TIME to explore caves and forests, Jason always goes to kill someone (Or you), Machetes and higher weapons ARE HARD AS HELL TO FIND, Super Turbo Jason is.. UNBELIEVABLE. YOU CAN'T FREAKING HIT HIM AND YOU DIE IN LIMITED HITS, Most Animations SUCK And the children just sit there and wait to get killed. Partialy Great, MOSTLY SCREWED UP.

Overall: 7
It's a mix of UNDER OK and NOT BAD, Graphics and 99% Of sounds/music SUCKS, 55% Of gameplay SUCKS.. But, I am impressed for it's fight system and weapon damage as well as it being a challenge to fight Jason.. Cept' the parts of YOU GOTTA KILL HIM 3 FREAKING TIMES.

A mix of rating, temptation and crap... This game confused me, yet gave me a challenge. I do not/averagely advise it. Some people will love it, some people will hate it, and some people will mix those feelings for it together. Ok, I'm gonna shut up now. (P.S: Whoever plays this, Good luck on Day 2 and Day 3. You're gonna need that, a game genie, or a really fast trigger-finger. ;) )


Reviewer: Mike Sawicki Date: Oct 3, 2001
I first started playing this game around 2 years ago and at first I thought this was a pretty gay game. Wow, was I wrong, this game is pretty interesting and offers many surprises each time you play over and over again. Just when you thought you've beat Jason the first time, he comes back Stronger and thus the ""Turbo Jason"" is introduced. If you're not ready for it, Jason will mow your ass down in 3 seconds or less. Sure many reviewers think this game sucks, but if you take the time to actually figure out what you have to do, then the game becomes enjoying. In terms of difficulty this game is pretty hard, even an expert gamer won't fly through this game (wait til Day 3, if you ever make it). Me and my friend always get scared in this game whether Jason decides to run up and greet you outside or when you enter a Cabin and his Life meter appears, that cabin music is scary (heck there's an Mp3 of that music). Graphics are good for one of the beginning NES games (besides it's the gameplay that makes this game worth it). Sure that outside music will get stuck in some of your heads. After all this game is worthy of a challenge to anyone who thinks they can beat any video game. Remember to practice your Double Duck and Jason won't be that bad, until he gets STRONGER!!!


Reviewer: BushiFox Date: Aug 30, 2001
Ok. I dont know what crack all the people are smoking that are giving this game bad reviews. Maybe its because they are morons with the short attention span of a two year old. I really enjoy this game. The first big thing going for it, is that the most powerful character you can get is a girl. It is difficult to get started in the game, with all the secrets and what not. Once you get going, its awesome to hurl pitchforks and torches at jason's ass. Its a beautiful thing. Anybody that considers themselves a true NES gamer should definately check this out, and play it till you can beat it.

(in the early parts, Jason still makes me jump out of my seat when he comes running onto the screen.)


Reviewer: Spekkio Date: Jul 21, 2001
I will admit it, everytime jason appears it would scare me shitless. Ah, but this game was just weird, the music is horrible, except for the super creepy cabin music, and the gameplay itself is weird, awkward, and often horrible, too. However, this game has its own bizarre charms, and can be addicting. And of course, Jason's sudden guest appearances are always enough for a jolt. Give this one a whirl.