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Reviewer: Jaybird Date: Jun 20, 2007
If you have never heard of or played Gauntlet then stop calling yourself a gamer. Gauntlet was one of most structured games in history and vies with Digdug for best maze game of all time.

Graphics: 9
For its time Gauntlet had some good graphics, not perfect but great nonetheless, the detail on the monsters and characters were pretty decent.

Sound: 9
The background music was okay, not as good as the arcade version that had speech on it as well, but for a arcade port over Nintendo was fairly accurate with the sounds.

Gameplay: 8
The game is huge, I think I got as far as level 43 before dying, there are literally over a hundred levels with tons of monsters, traps and treasures to encounter and huge expansive mazes to explore you may not put the control down for hours.

Overall: 9
Gauntlet is a legendary game, it's definitely worth adding to your collection. If you have kids I seriously suggest sitting them down to play this game.....after all kids should be educated in Video Game History.

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