Adventures of Lolo 3

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Reviewer: XanderWolf Date: Nov 4, 2005
I don't know what happened with this one. If you found the first two games too challenging you will like this one. The designers also decided to add a little bit of an RPG-ish aspect to it.

Graphics: 7
The graphics are still decent, pretty much the same as Adventures of Lolo 2. The overworld graphics are pretty simple though. Not the greatest honestly, but they are hardly important.

Sound: 5
Still, repetative puzzle game music. This is another one to just turn off the sound, and play a cd or the radio. Anything at all but the game music.

Gameplay: 6
This one is only getting a 6. It's still the same sort of puzzles, same game play with a little bit of overworld action. You go to different places to get certain items you need to progress, like keys. One nice thing was the fact that there was no limit to lives. You have as many as you need. This fact alone would have made the other games absolutley perfect. This is not the fact in this game, because it is SO much easier. The designers really dumbed this one down, so if you had trouble with the others, try this one.

Overall: 6
Overall it's a decent game. A little easy, and still the same mediocre music, but still fun. IF you like the first two, it may be worth it just to complete the series, but if you are looking for that challenge again, well... you might have to look somewhere else.

Maybe you should start with this game to get used to the puzzles. Or maybe you should just skip it and go straight to the good games. Adventures of Lolo 2 is the best. Have fun!