Ghoul School

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Reviewer: TonberryKing Date: Apr 4, 2002
I cried when I first played this game. No, not out of joy... not out of awe...
I cried because, after playing this steaming pile of (expletive,) I had lost several hours of my life. Hours that I would never get back. They're gone, and even now, I wonder what else I could have used them for besides playing Ghoul School.

Graphics: 3
Ick. The backgrounds consist of a brick wall and not much else. Your main character, who I assume the game is trying to pass of as ""cool,"" looks more like a gothic Doug. The monsters themselves are ugly too, but not as ugly as Doug.

Sound: 3
After hearing the first 10 seconds, I wanted to poke out my tympanic membranes with anything I could get my hands on.

Gameplay: 1
Here's a typical example of the gameplay in ghoul school: Swing a pipe at a monster. Swing a pipe at a bat. Half the time you miss and half the time you hit, and because the weapon's range is crap, you are then hit as well, until the game reverts to nothing more than a back and forth slapfight.

Overall: 2
It's no wonder the developers of this game (electrobrain) were never heard from again.

Just stay away. For your own good, just stay away.