Glory of Heracles II, The: Titans' Downfall

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Reviewer: Adam Cuerden Date: Jun 30, 2001
I have rated this game rather highly, bt you must remember, though, that it is still a nintendo game, and not expect miracles. The graphics are clean, clear, and colourful, with battles similar to Dragon Warrior, but with the towns and outside areas being some of the best nintendo RPG graphics of their sort I've seen - more FF4 than anything else, and perhaps slightly better- they lack the infamous munchkin look. Sound I have rated a bit low, but mainly because my speakers are broken. Ach, well. Gameplay is simple, easy to use, and feels natural. Characterisation is well-done, and the quests are interesting and occassionaly fiendish. The major problem is that it can be slightly hard to figure out what has opened up after you do something - because bridges appear from nowhere! And, after I got the three Zui's, I didn't pay enough attention early on, and now am rather unsure what to do. Pay attention and take notes, and you could enjoy this game greatly!