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Reviewer: Jeremy Date: May 4, 2003
The guardian Legend is a game worthy of a gamers attention. It has a good story line and is a very diverse game. It starts out with you flying towards the asteroid you are sent to destroy and you are thinking " great....I got suckered into gradius' cousin." But after you destroy the first boss, you are standing in this room and reading a message by a fallen fighter. You realize then, this is not just a shoot em' up.

The story is kind of choppy at first but it makes sense after some exploration in the game. It seems there is a asteroid headed towards a planet and it has to be destroyed by the sequencing of a inner self destruct mechanism inside of it and the only way to activate it is to destroy all the corridors.

Graphics: 7
The graphics overall are better than most. The colors are pretty sweet and the character design is super sweet too. Some enemies are rebirthed later in the game and return stronger than before and of course they look more evil. The stages have good setup, but the shooting stages have better backgrounds in my opinion. This game has a real anime style to it. It's bathed in goodness.

Sound: 9
The first thing I noticed when I put the cart in, was the intro music. It sounded good, it wasn't just one instrument making music. It sounded like 3 or 4 instruments. I liked it. The music throughout the game is great.

Gameplay: 7
Game play is pretty good. I like the weapons that are given and there are so many new weapons to find, it makes the game that much more interesting. Some enemies are hard to kill, but then you realize that you have an array of ammunition and guns, so the fun begins.

The game is kinda long. The password option is great, but you had better write it carefully, cause it is long and I'd hate to see your face after 3 hours of dedicated fighting and you realize you wrote the password wrong.

So in game play Ill give it a 7 because shooting things gets a little too repetitious after 3 hours.

Overall: 8
This game has a lot to offer to a gamer who is long tired of rehashing of popular games. I'd suggest getting it if you haven't already played this game.

if you would rather skip all the zelda style stages and just defeat the corridors, use this in the pass word area TGL------------------------------------------------------------ and youll play just the shooter stages


Reviewer: Ken Date: Aug 17, 2001
If this game isn't my favorite NES game, I'm not sure what is. The graphics are AWESOME for NES's capabilities. The music is excellent. There is no problem with bad game control... It's got two different ""engines"" I guess you would say. One of which is a gradius-type flying shooter game... And the other is a zelda-like overhead action game. You get to find more and more nifty weapons to use... This game just kicks arse.


Reviewer: Vince_Lind (alias) Date: Jul 22, 2001
There's only one thing I can say about this game... IT'S DAMN GOOD!!! This game is more or less a mix of Axelay and Zelda... in space. The graphics are some of the best seen on NES, and the music is really fitting. The only bad thing is that you type passwords instead of saving the game, but that is irrelevant, really.

I suggest you get this game... NOW! You will not be disappointed.