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Reviewer: John Douglas Date: May 6, 2002
Gunsmoke is an impossible game but its fun from start to finish!

Graphics: 8
The graphics are pretty good for nintendo, there is a little slowdown, especially in the later levels, when 10 or more baddies can be on the screen at once, but its not that detracting from the game. The bosses could of been more animated, but their still good overall.

Sound: 7
The music is pretty good, and the sound affects are ok as well. The problem is if your stuck on a level and can't find the wanted poster(which is hidden and you must shoot at nothing until it will become unhidden) the music will tend to get on your nerves. If your rich or just want to get to the boss already, you can buy the wanted poster along the way, but a true gamer will want to find where all the hidden goodies are, such as horses to ride(three extra hit points), invincibility(the yamcha or something from the first megaman), and of course the wanted poster.

Gameplay: 8
The gameplay is great for this game. It can get really tough at times, like when your down to one life and no extra guns on the sixth level, but its all in good fun, the set up is very good, and pretty original for its time. You must go around to different places as the sherrif and dispatch big time outlaws. Their henchmen are all over as well along the way, and they are all packing heat, but you get your own as well, but you must buy them first by accuiring money from defeating enemies, and opening barrels which keep stuff besides money, like icons for greater speed(a boot icon), and a gun icon which increases how far your regular gun will fire. You get a cash reward that increases depending on how hard(and bad) the outlaw is. The overall control is spot on, but you'll still die numerous times at first, it takes getting used to the screen moving up by itself and such, and sometimes there just is nowhere to run because enemies come from all over and they can easily surround you if your not careful.

Overall: 8
It has the fun factor to make you want to beat it at least once, if not more to see if you can do it better. Try to play without losing a life once, i dare you. I played so many frusterating hours when I was little, but now at 21 its still fun but I don't have the determination anymore to sit there until I finish the game. But for the first time player I suggest to play at least until you finish once, because its hard but satisfying.

Gunsmoke is just one of those games that are pick up and go fun, if you want to be a sherrif, or just want to shoot lots of people, this game is for you. Its kind of mindless, but in that I need to beat this level sort of way. So go ahead and try it out, you won't be disappointed.