Ice Hockey

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Reviewer: Chris Date: Jun 20, 2004
Ice Hockey is another one of those classic games for NES. The Graphics are perfect for the game, the sound is great, the gameplay is excellent with just a few minor flaws, and overall Ice Hockey is a great game.

Graphics: 10
The graphics arn't the best that have been seen on NES, but they fit the game perfectly. It is good to see that Ice Hockey wasn't made like some other games where the creators tried to make the graphics "better" but sometimes making the game look worse.

Sound: 8
The sound is good, but there are some better soundtracks for these 8 bit games. Some examples are RBI Baseball and Mario Brothers. It is good that the sound track was not too complex; other games attempt to make a complex soundtrack which can get annoying and sound less like music and more like noise.

Gameplay: 9
The gameplay is great, it is hockey but in a way that is sometimes more fun than a game like NHL 2004. Although there is no "season play" or trading, or even names, it will still entertain someone for hours. Unfortunatly there are only a few teams. When looking at a game like RBI Baseball 3, there are many teams. Even though Ice Hockey has a limited number of teams it doesn't make it less fun. One of the greatest things about Ice Hockey was the fighting. It was very amusing; all the players come together and the fight begins.

Overall: 9
Overall this game has given hours of amusment. The ability to make a great game like Ice Hockey with limited technology is amazing, and the fact that the game is basic makes the game easy to understand and fun to play.

Ice Hockey will keep one interested for a long time and has the perfect graphics, great soundtrack, excellent gameplay, and overall a game that is easy to understand and fun to play, giving hours of excitement.