Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (Taito)

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Reviewer: BerserkerTails Date: May 12, 2003
Taito creates the Holy Grail among bad movie licensed games on the NES! Not to be confused with the Ubi-Soft game of the same name, this is the one of the best Indiana Jones games ever made, up there with the SNES "Indiana Jones' Greatest Adventures" and LucasArts "Fate of Atlantis".

Graphics: 6
Graphics are generally mediocre. Sprites are small, and not detailed enough. Backgrounds are bland and repetitive. However, the cutscenes are done very nicely, if you can forget the lack of colour.

Sound: 3
One of the games lower points. Of course, the Indy theme is here, though it is only played during the title screen and when you select a pathway. It was the only music that's catchy and worth remembering (Thank John Williams!). Sound effects aren't worth mentioning.

Gameplay: 8
This is where the game truly shines. Cutscenes tie in game segments, creating a plot which closely follows the movie. Players can choose the order in which to play the game, and in point the game even branches depending on your preformance.

Most segments are fun, which range from sidescrolling Nazi beatings upon a moving tank, a high-speed motorcycle escape, and even a few puzzles. Unfortunatley there is one level which brings the game down. The dreaded "Rescue you dad from the Nazi Castle" stage. The castle is huge and full of Nazis. Apparently the Nazi built their fortress in a castle, and the only way to get through to the dungeon is to wander aimlessly, finding secret passages.

Indy has a decent amount of abilities, such as whipping enemies, swinging from chandleirs, sitting in chairs (A hint to the castle level ^_-), punching and kicking, and even a jumping off wall kick.

There is another pitfall in the Gameplay section however. One problem I found was that there was a couple points in which you could either fail or not do a stage, but continue the game up until the very end, where the Last Crusader would scold you.

Overall: 8
Even though the graphics are poor and the sound is forgettable, this game really shines through to make a nice little break.

This is a love or hate it kind of game. Despite a few flaws, and length issues (I can beat the game in about 10 minutes O_O), this game is excellent.