Ivan 'Ironman' Stewart's Super Off Road

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Reviewer: Jedi Questmaster Date: Nov 4, 2002
Due to some unlawful ratings, I had to review this game. I did not expect ratings for such a game to be this low.

Graphics: 8
Ok, come on people! This is Nintendo we're talking about. If you're going to rate a Nintendo game, compare it to other Nintendo games of its time. Ivan ""Ironman"" Stewart's Super Off-Road (or SOR) doesn't compare very well to its arcade self. The trucks almost look like they could be cars. I guess that's all the matter when people play games.

Sound: 6
SOR gives the usual pops of sound when using nitros and makes a screechy noise when you scrape your vehicle on the walls. Gee, what was Tradewest thinking? Now the music, too bad they didn't use a chip so the game's music could be better. Each tune fits quite well, though, especially Wipeout & Big Dukes. If you've played Danny Sullivan's Indy Heat, an NES games, then some of the sounds will be familiar.

Gameplay: 8
I must be crazy to give such a lousy game a high gameplay rating. In SOR for the NES, hitting walls tends to get you ""stuck"", but in the arcade version, hitting walls makes your truck bounce backward. In the NES version, sometimes your truck will reflect off walls if hit straight on. So what are the better physics?

SOR for the arcade allows you to play with three players! That's pretty good, now let's see how many players are allowed on the NES? Oh yeah that's right, four. It also has the same amount of tracks, unless you're thinking of Track Pack.

The NES also allows qualifying races in the beginning, where beginners can get used to the game, but there's really not much to this game.

Overall: 7
This game can get pretty boring when playing 1-player. A hard-core gamer would know if they've played all one hundred races straight. SOR is a good 4-player game if you have the NES Four Score or Satellite. The problem when people look at this game is that they compare it to its other versions. Look at the Genesis, what is that? 16 Bit? And the arcade version... how much does an arcade cost? Alright, there is a PC version, but don't forget that people don't just go to Vimm's Lair to download games, some people are here to buy them.

I hope now, people don't come across this game and think low of it. SOR is just one of Nintendo's great four-player games. It is also considered the predecessor of Off-Road Challenge, by Midway.


Reviewer: Tricob Date: Aug 24, 2001
An average port of a good arcade game: This port has slower action, worse graphics, and worse sound than the arcade.

To make matters worse, Graftgold's PC version has better graphics and sound, yet requires less CPU horsepower than the NES emulator NESticle.

And if that doesn't make you think twice about downloading this, the SNES version puts both NES's *and* Graftgold's port to shame.

So what reason *is* there to download this game? The answer: There *isn't* a reason. So skip it.


Reviewer: Don Date: Aug 16, 2001
I saw that someone had given this game a 2 rating and I had to give it some
justice. This is a great changeover from arcade to nintendo. The graphics are
a little worse, the sound is a little worse, and the computer guys still cheat
but it's a fun game! It's one that I still pick up and play all the time!