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Reviewer: Jedi Questmaster Date: Dec 5, 2002
While there were many military games for Nintendo, like Cobra Command, Sky Shark, Operation Wolf, Commando, Top Gun, and Platoon, there weren't any that were like Jackal, that features two jeeps (or one) that must travel under heavy firepower through bases, lakes, grass, and terrain, finding hostages, trying to rescue their brothers-in-arms.

Graphics: 9
Graphics? They were excellent for their time. Bear in mind that this is, what, 1987 or 88. Compared to most of the NES games, overall, it's still above average. The view is from the top, a bird's eyes view. What's great is that there are nicely detailed terrains, with mountains, lakes, carriers, bunkers, and rivers. ""See the world"" they say.

Sound: 9
Sakamoto, the composer, has really outdone himself this time. The music fits the mood of the constant action. The boss theme gives that rush of adrenaline that means something terrible is about to happen, then when the screen stops scrolling... the player will be surprised to see what pops up next.

Gameplay: 9
Control: The controls are not frustrating AND they are accurate; when the jeeps turn, they TURN. They don't suddenly *POW* face the other direction. Except what's not real is that the two players can drive right over eachother, but that's what makes it less frustrating (Unlike Gauntlet 2). The biggest problem is the way the screen doesn't scroll until the player is near the top, or the edges.

Fun Factor: Games should be fun, and Jackal is exactly that. Infact it's addictive, one can come across this and play it just for the first level, but get caught up in it and play the next two, then eventually play the whole thing. I am a victim of this insanity.

Jackal is also challenging, not Castlevania challenging but more like Contra challenging, without the 30 lives. If the player can keep the powerups received by rescuing the POWs, the game can just about be completed without losing ANY lives, until the final boss is breached. The POWs are another thing, they keep the player staying alive until they can drop them off at the helicopter.

Overall: 9
Only a few, realistic problems: when the player dies, some of the rescued men are killed, losing valuable points; the first powerup weapon can't go over or through walls; and when one player dies, they must wait for the other to get buried as well. But Jackal is less frustrating than most 1987 games, and more beatable. This is why it receives a ""9"" and a high replay value. Also, like many Konami games, the first player may use the first or second controller to play solo. In other words, two players can control the same Jeep (that makes sense since there's two people in every Jeep).

Did I mention there are hidden ""Stars"" that can be found by shooting in random locations in the game? Because there might be some.


Reviewer: AD420 Date: Sep 2, 2001
a great game that is very fun to play. U r a jeep what... hold.. on. a jeep that is right. You are going in to get some fallen sloiders, ou shoot your way n to the bases and just kill every one u see. There are some power ups in the game, basicly there is nothing different from this game and the meany meany other tank/jeep game out there but this is a good one so if u like those types of game then download this one it is worth the time and space on your computer.


Reviewer: Chris Bowen Date: Jul 11, 2001
Konami/Ultra was really on a roll from 1987-90. Contra. Gradius/Life Force. TMNT. And Jackal. This game doesn't get as recognized for being as good as the others I've mentioned, but it rates up there as one of my all time favourite games on ANY system. The graphics are simple, yet sharp, and you can tell who makes the game. The sound gets in your head quick, and that's a good thing - it fits the millitary mood perfectly, and is very well done. But the gameplay is what makes this game a classic. Control is tighter than a virgin's thighs on prom night. Best way to describe the gameplay, is that when you die, you don't sit there swearing at the controller, you sit there swearing at yourself - you're the only one to blame. Truly, an underrated classic.