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Reviewer: Whimsy Date: Dec 16, 2001
Data Easts' ""Karnov: The Firebreething Russian"" is a game about a fat, ugly man on a quest to retreve the tresure of Babylon. He goes through 9 action-packed stages to reach his goal. Along the way, he meets giant fish, the medusa, dragon-snakes, and robots.

Graphics: 6
Everything is animated well, and is quite clear. Karnov is quite visable in his fat, gortesque glory! You fire blinking dots. The movement is smooth, and fairly quick.

Sound: 7
The music is the same in every level, but it's great! The music seems to never tire at any point. The sounds are fair, but mostly dull. Nothing impressionable, either. I can hear the music in my skull right now, though.

Gameplay: 7
A bit confusing, perhaps. To select powerups, you have to move in the respective direction. Meaning, you have to compensate for your position. I really make it sound more confusing than it is. But it bugs me.

Overall: 8
This is a faithful conversion to the arcade game. The placemnt of objects is good, and a lot is packed into this package. I sense much good mojo with this one.

I want to comment about the enemies a bit here. There is the formentioned giant fish, the medusa, dragon-snakes, and robots, but also, there is a old guy walking a dog, men in leather underwear, mummies, ugly stone heads, swordsmen, and vultures. this assortment unique. My guess is that every enemy is from games rejected by the managment at Data East. There really is no other reason for it!