Kickle Cubicle

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Reviewer: Brad Guerrie Date: Jun 30, 2001
This isn't a game, it's an obsession! Kickle Cubicle seems like a fairly adverage overhead view action game when you start, but as soon as you get into the next few levels you'll find yourself playing an incredibly addictive puzzle game. The game centers around trying to collect 3 small bags filled with who knows what in each stage, then reaching a boss at the end of each world. There are 4 worlds. The style in which you reach the small bags is what's really unique. You can't jump, run, or any complex combat maneuvers. What you can do is freeze the bad guys into cubes of ice that float on water, thus getting you to the end of the puzzle. If you're looking for an interesting game as an alternative to ""Fire n' Ice"" (Which I might add, is another addictive puzzle game for NES) give this one a shot. Some people like obsessive puzzle games, some don't. If you do, this is a must try!