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Reviewer: Jedi Questmaster Date: Sep 14, 2002
Ahh, the old NES Kung Fu game brings back those memories of Spartan X and Jackie Chan.

Graphics: 6
The graphics are pretty much plain. Of course you can't expect much because it's one of the games that came out in the beginning of the NES era.

Sound: 7
You have to love the Sound FX in this game. The yell that you hear when punching does resemble the yell on Kung-Fu Heroes quite a bit. There are also different laughs from each boss when they defeat you. To say the truth, there are only about 17 different sound FX (Not including the pause sound) but that's not too bad considering that Mario Bros. has 18.

Gameplay: 9
Pretty good for a simple game like this. There are five ways to clobber your enemies (more difficult moves are worth more points. You can punch, kick, duck & punch, jumpkick, and duck & kick. You must also use different strategies to defeat each boss.

Overall: 8
Once you beat this game you probably won't want to beat it twice in a row, but this is a good game to keep you entertained for some time. I read somewhere that if you reach 50 rounds you will fight Sylvia. I don't know if this is true, because I haven't beaten it that many times myself.

This is a good game, not the best martial arts game though. If you just want a simple Beat 'Em Up, then try it.


Reviewer: Buddy Lee Date: Sep 9, 2001
Look, it's simple.... back in the day this game was killer.... so if you've never played this game before, then shut your damn pile hole about how the gfx and sfx suck.... ya they do..... so what? The gameplay is damn fun..... all my friends 20+ remember this uber classic game and how much fun they had... I first played it back in 4th grade at my friends house and it was loads of fun.... it's all about nastalgia factor.... gameplay is amusing for a quick pick me up and great for bringing back the memories... it's a freakin' classic so show some respect you graphic whores!!!!


Reviewer: PsiMaster Date: Sep 7, 2001
I don't know how else to put it, this is quite possibly the worst game I have ever played. The graphics are awful, even for the NES, there are 3 sound effects, and the I won't even talk about the gameplay. Download at your own risk!