Kunio-Kun's Nekketsu Soccer League

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Reviewer: Matias Diaz Date: Oct 17, 2004
Well, i remember playing this game when i was a child.I had a Family
game (the chinese version of famicom) because it was cheaper than the
american NES. The cartridge had a picture of Kunio Kun (Riki, Crash,
etc, the real name is Kunio) kicking a ball. In the cover there said

Graphics: 8
The best part of the game. The sprites are almost the same, but there are really good things in this game i havent seen in another Nes soccer games.There are weather effects, the characters are very detailed (and cartoony) and the super-shots look better. When you score a goal you can see the people happy (or angry) in the stadium!.The net brokes when you score a goal whit a super-shot.When the grass is wet, you can see your steps. The players cry or shout depending they score a goal or not.
Some cutscenes were nice, but the graphics are OK.

Sound: 7
Really good sound for a NES! the bgm are really good (and you can change it during the game), and the sound fx are good too (you can hear the wind blowind, the thunders, the people shouting,the rain), but not as good as the music. When you play in the asian circuit, the music is like chinese,in the American circuits the music is like a samba and so on. Unfortunately, like most nes games, there arent any voices.

Gameplay: 8
The gameplay is really much better than the first version, now you can jump, dribble, do special moves , and the supershots are easier to do. When it rains, the thunders hit you, the wind moves the players and the ball, etc. the control 's much like another technos games and the game has some nice options, like tournament, pk or friendly. You can change your players depending their abilities.Each player has a different super-shot and special moves.Each team has its own personality and you can practice your moves at the starting screen. But there are some bad news: in the tournament mode you cannot choose your team, you will use always the japanese team.You can only choose your team in pk mode or friendly.Also, you cannot choose Korea, Mongolia , Thailand, England, Senegal or Mexico, you can only use the teams that are in the final round.

Overall: 8
Its one of the bets games in the Nes that i have played in my life.I play it since i had 8 years old and still play it (now I'm 18).
Course there are some things that make it a little boring but i still enjoy it.If i could change it i would add: more teams, some voices and the capablity of choose your own team.

I almost forget: i strongly recomend to play all the Kunio Kun games:
crash and the boys street challenge,nekketsu street basket, technos ice hockey, technos samurai, river city ransom, riki kunio, etc.There is a sega genesis version of Nekketsu dogdeball bu soccer hen (the japanese version of nes world cup 1) with better graphics and some voices. Thanks for reading and keep playing nes (its better than dreamcast, GBA and the others).