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Legacy of the Wizard

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Reviewer: Sezeroth Date: Oct 9, 2001
A very awesome action/RPG. There is basically no story behind it though, unless you have the manual which tells all about it. It is a long game where you can choose between 6 different people at the beggining (All are family in some way) and you can go back and change them at any time. The all have different balances, such as jumping, magic, and speed. They also hold different items that others can't. Once you choose your charecter you go into the dungeon, and pass by some beutiful graphics for the NES. Once inside the dungeon though, the graphics get a little drab... The puzzles and hordes of monsters make up for it though. You'll be addicted to getting enough gold to buy the flying boots in no time. The music is some of the best and most catchy I've heard on the NES, far better than other games this old. I highly reccomend getting this game if you are a Dungeon Romp/Adventure fan, or if you have alot of time on your hands.