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Reviewer: Gamer4Life Date: Sep 8, 2008
The Legend of Zelda... Brings back many memories. It was a beast back then, and it's a beast who ate his veggies and drank his milk now. It's only gotten better. This is one of the most respected games and series not only by myself, but almost every gamer across the globe. We have Shigeru Miyamoto (a.k.a. "Shiggy") to thank for that. Now, without further ado... My review.

Graphics: 10
Ok, first of all... I believe that if you're a true gamer, GRAPHICS DO NOT MATTER. It may be nice to play a game with stunning 3-D graphics, but this game was made back in the day. 8-bit. The sprites were simple, yet amazing. You could tell everything apart, not like the overworld view of the NES Final Fantasy games. But the graphics were amazing, to me at least, for the hardware limitations of the NES. They did so much with so little. It was amazing.

Sound: 10
With music that still brings tears to gamers' eyes, the music in this game is legendary. You can't hear the Zelda theme without a mental image of the NES popping up. And the sound effects are just as well known. An enemy dying. The whistle being blown. The sword shooting the energy beam when your life is full. I know what you're doing. You were playing those sounds in your head. See what I mean? And before I move on to the gameplay aspect... A random piece of knowledge. The whistle sound? Who noticed that it was the same as the one in Super Mario Bros. 3?

Gameplay: 10
Perfect once again. The one thing that makes the series stand out against others. Secrets. Hidden items. Figure out how to kill the boss. Figure out how to get here and there. Simply amazing for back then. And just like Super Mario Bros., this game proved that what you see is not always what you get. In SMB, you found a hidden 1-UP block. In Zelda, you find a cave with a heart container or some rupees. Once again, I say that they did SO MUCH with so little. And to make it even better, there's a second quest after you finish it the first time. Replay value? Turn an 8 on it's side. There you go.

Overall: 10
Before I start... I'd like to say that Shigeru Miyamoto is a gaming genius. Pretty much anything that comes from him will sell and make tons of money. Why? It's always so deep and complex in every aspect.
This game and the series for that matter is no different. Perfect storyline, all those hidden secrets... I've only known ONE person who can sit down and play right through the game in about one hour. And she's a woman. I just think that's amazing. I've only beaten it once. So if you're looking for a challenge or just to burn a few hours... Download it. Play it. Just don't break your computer or whatever you're playing the ROM on when you get frustrated.

And I just wanted to say one thing. As far as the whole Zelda series timeline, I don't think there is one. Reason being because I forget where, maybe on G4 back in the day, but I've heard that Shiggy said that the games were not sequels to another, with the exceptions of OoT and MM, LoZ and AoL, And WW took place a bit after OoT. And also the Game Boy games OoS and OoA. Other than that, Shiggy said that All the ones involving Link, Ganon, Zelda and the Triforce were all the same story, just told differently, because "people record the story differently throughout the time of Hyrule and when scholars found the scrolls, they told of the story, just different variations." Personally, I believe that Ocarina of Time was the true Zelda story. If you've noticed, most of the Zelda games after OoT make some connection to that game. WW, TP, MM... But I've taken too much time that could've been spent DOWNLOADING AND PLAYING THIS GAME. Thank you for reading. Keep on gaming. From the womb to the tomb. Gamer4Life out.


Reviewer: Leon Date: Nov 23, 2005
This is probably one of the best games ever made for this system, and quite likely, one of the most well-known games ever made. For it's time, this game was a revolution in gaming. With various weapons, hidden items and secrets left and right, this game is a great challenge.

Graphics: 10
Ok, really its a 9.99, but you must remember the era it came out in. It may be crude to today's standards, but back then, it was a marvel; especially with the limited abilities they had.

Sound: 10
The music is well known to everyone nowadays, as well as the sound effects. There is only one 'bad' sound effect and that's the ocean. But, since you are rarely around the ocean, it doesn't knock my score much.

Gameplay: 10
It has great mobility and some enemies can even take certain items away. However, you must pay the old lady for hints on where to go next. The story line is great though and very straight forward.

Overall: 10
One of my all-time favorites. This game mixes large maps, many items, secrets, and contains one of the most well known legends of the gaming world. I suggest playing it, though I cannot tell you what to do. Good luck!

Thiis game has gone through history for nearly 20 years. It has been sold on many systems and used as a promotion idea. This game will probably remain a classic for many more years.


Reviewer: Carnel Green Jr Date: Jun 7, 2005
Legend of Zelda, The best game for nintendo. It made sequels like Link's Adventure, Ocarina of Time and recently, Twilight Princess. Truly one of the best classic games to play like Super Mario Bros. If you like Action / Adventure games this is the game for you.

Graphics: 5
Hey it's the Nes, I know it could do better than that! But with the X-box and other crap, this is the rating I give it.

Sound: 10
From the music score to the sound, like Link's laser sword, the sound get's a perfect 10 and I'm not feeling sympathetic for the first Legend of Zelda game.

Gameplay: 7
The swordplay you use in this game is pretty simple, if you attack with full hearts his laser will come from the sword or just be a simple attack.

Overall: 10
Like I said the Best game for nintendo. Play it. Like it. Love it.

If you have a Nintendo buy the Game!!!!! You will fall in love with it Like I did.


Reviewer: YoMamasMama Date: Aug 18, 2003
Ahh, Zelda, we meet again. For the uninitiated, this is the critically acclaimed brainchild of Shigeru Miyamoto (AKA Shiggy) that spawned many a sequel from NES to GameBoy to GameCube.

Graphics: 6
Not really that stunning. Sure, you can tell the difference between a sword and an arrow, but the NES can do better.

Sound: 9
Great sound effects and excellent music earned this cart a 10 in this department. The music is incredibly catchy while strolling around the overworld, but is slightly annoying in the dungeons, but not enough to bring it down severely.

Gameplay: 9
Where all Zelda games really shine. The shield/blocking system is a little shallow, but functional and adds a little strategy. The controls are tight and responsive, as in any zelda game. The inventory is a tad slow, but works well enough. Overall, my complaints just arent enough to bring the gameplay score below 9, it's just so fun.

Overall: 8
A little confusing at first when you don't know where to go, but once you get into it it really picks up. I recommend this game to anyone.


Reviewer: Jedi Questmaster Date: Jan 3, 2003
Like Super Mario Bros., The Legend Of Zelda started it all for games of its type. If you've played most of the recent RPG games, the character always starts out normal. Then, you find out there's something different about him. Then he ends up being the only hope for the world. That's why classic games like Legend Of Zelda still prosper.

Graphics: 9
One can't complain about this. The time is around 1986, the view is from the top, & every sprite is simple. It's easy to see everthing. Compare this to recent third-person views, where the character must constantly turn around to find his/her own way/enemies.

Sound: 9
The Zelda series constantly uses the themes from this game. By the way, if you want to know what ""Allando's"" abbreviations mean: ""MM"" stands for Majora's Mask, ""OoT"" is Ocarina of Time, & ""AoL"" is really Adventure of Link. All those games used nicely done arrangements of the original Zelda, but nothing is quite like the original. If there is one game that beats the original in its music, its The Legend Of Zelda: A Link To The Past.

Gameplay: 10
OK, I don't know how I can stress this, but the gameplay is Accurate. Even more accurate than its sequels even. When swinging, Link moves his shield back. If an enemy happens to shoot something at his back, his shield will repel that item. Now for the items: Zelda features commonly used items in its sequels as well, like candles, white sword, wooden sword, magical sword, bomb, bow, arrows, magical arrows (that are used at Gannon), magical shield, etc., etc. Watch the intro. Zelda even provides a non-frustrating challenge, or should I say ""Challenges?""

Overall: 10
A true gamer would play this game more than Mario Bros., Super Mario Bros., & Super Mario Bros. 2 combined, because of all the hidden secrets. It's funny: no matter how advance the Zelda games have gotten, they are still very similar to this one right here.

Hints: To quit without dying:Press START on controller 1 to access the inventory screen. Then hold Up + A On Controller 2, select Save to save & quit.

To acces Labyrinth 7: From the starting point, go Up, Left, Left, Left, Left, Up, Left, Up. There should be an empty pond. Use the recorder.

To escape from the Lost Woods: Go right, OR follow this pattern: Up, Left, Down, Left.

To access Ganon's Labyrinth: Go to Death Mountain, higher than where the rocks are falling. When you see two giant rocks together, bomb one of them. It will look like an eye.

The red ring is in Ganon's Labyrinth, somewhere.


Reviewer: Allando Date: Jun 21, 2002
This is one of the best for the NES, a classic system in itself, despite bad reviews on moast NES games on Graphics, they don't matter neway, to the ratings

Graphics: 9
If Imust put a grade down for graphics it would be a 9, considering this game was made in 1986, these are pretty good, but I can not stress enough that they do not matter. If you can tell what everything is, you are fine, so a 9.

Sound: 10
This does not matter either but is sort of a thing to pull you through with its cool melodies. Much better than recent games, MM was horrid, and I'm not even going to talk about OoT. Just sad... BUt the Music rules in this game, very close to the Music in AoL.

Gameplay: 10
You could not ask for a better gameplay, and if you could, you are a punk who does not deserve the honor of playing this game. Also for those of you who do not know, there is a second world after you beat it once, talk about replay value

Overall: 9
Great game, almost no errors, and just fun to play.

Remember folks, if you want a quick mindless game just for quick fingers, go play Tetris. This has puzzles, unique boss statergies, only problem I see is the saving mechanism, quite annoying.


Reviewer: Michael Bearden Date: Sep 25, 2001
Do I have to say much about this game. My god what a great game It's way better than Majoras mask. If you never played this game than I guess I can give you the details. In the land of Hyrule you star is Link an elfin like hero that must restore 8 pieces of the legendary Triforce 1 named the triforce of power theTriforce of Wisdom and The Triforce of Courage. Than you'd have to save Princes Zelda from the evil pig Wizard Gannon. Which now he's more human than pig but in Ocarina of time he turns into some kind of beast. I give this game a 10 out of 10 stars. If you havent played it go ahead and download it.


Reviewer: Krono Date: Jul 26, 2001
To the first reviewer: The reason Hyrule went to hell is because Gannon's back. That's one of the reasons you're trying to kill him, remember? ;) But really, that is what happened, Hyrule is a war-ravaged land in this one; a war that the Hylians/Humans (whatever) lost. Gannon's forces wreaked havoc and killed everything, thusly Hyrule is a mite out of order. Things get better in Zelda II, though. :) But yeah, they should have at least covered the ground green instead of tan in the grassland places, which brings it down a point.

This game rocks the kasba, though, people. Everyone's already played it, I know, but not everyone's beaten it, so go out and get it! It rooooooooolz. Second best Zelda game (Behind Link to the Past) and one of the best games of all time. Easily.


Reviewer: Max Brown Date: Jul 7, 2001
This started it all. Without it, where would we be? This game was amazing for it's time, and is still played today by people. I know I still do. It had everything where it needed it, and a second quest to boot! Nuff' said, this game rocks.

Graphics: I'm sick of people saying ""Ewwww the graphics suck"" Think about it, this was 15 years ago! You couldn't have hoped for better!

Sound: Read above, replace graphics with sound. And think about it, this is where the theme started!

Gameplay: Great. In fact, there are some games out today the have worse!

Overall: You know it. There's no denying it. This game is #1


Reviewer: sirkakkarot Date: Jun 15, 2001
Ah Legend of Zelda.....Who can't love this game?? It pretty much gave birth to adventure games as we know them today. In case you've lived under a rock the past 10 years or so I'll tell you a bit about this game. You played the role of an adventurer named Link. His objective was to recover the 8 scattered pieces of the Triforce of Wisdom, destroy Gannon who holds the Triforce of Power, and rescue the Princess Zelda. (all in that order). None who have been gamers since the NES days can disregard the significance of this game. What a concept!! You have exploration, item collecting, combat, and puzzle solving all rolled up in one nice neat little package.

Graphics: 6

I know it was early generation NES software, but come on, this game was pretty ugly in places. I mean, the overworld was little more than a barren wasteland covered in monsters, bushes, and cranky old men living in caves. Makes me wonder what happened to Hyrule. Since many consider this game to fall near the end of the Zelda timeline, I would like an explanation as to why Hyrule went to hell.

Sound: 9

Who can forget the Zelda theme music. It brings back fond memories every time I listen to it. This game had some darn good music and sound effects.

Gameplay: 10

This game is tough in places. Most of the time the only clues you get are from cranky old men and women living in caves, who will only speak to you if you give them your hard earned rupees. Talk about hard times when the only way you can make money is by ripping off the savior of the land. I can easily say that this game was the hardest of the series. For an even greater challenge, enter the name ZELDA as you file name. You get an even HARDER version of the game. As frustrating as it was at times, you never get sick of playing it. It compells you to want to find the next dungeon, and find the next cool hidden item.

Overall: 8

This game practically invented a new genre. If by some chance you haven't played it, you owe it to yourself to play this vintage NES classic which gave birth to the newer adventure games we have today. Play this game and Ocarina of Time side by side, and you will marvel at how quickly technology has advanced over the years.