Little League Baseball: Championship Series

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Reviewer: Chris Bowen Date: Jul 8, 2001
Who would have thought, when it came out, that a Little League game would be the pinnacle of NES baseball gaming? You get to take a team through the Series in one of two brackets: the American division, or the International division (if you follow Little League baseball for real, the choice is obvious; I mean, some of those Taiwan kids outweigh ME, and I'm not a small guy!). Controls are super responsive - the pitching/batting interface isn't unlike most NES baseball games (think of RBI, Baseball Stars, etc.), but it was never better done - and come to think of it, hasn't been since in this type of game. Sounds never get annoying, which is a good thing considering a baseball game. Graphics are sharp and colourful. And to top it off, the games are only 6 innings, so there isn't the requisite boredom factor that comes normally with baseball games. This is as good as baseball gets on the NES.


Reviewer: Jimmy Date: Jul 4, 2001
The graphics in this game are as good as you are ever going to see in an NES baseball game.
The sound is quite good, but the music might annoy you after playing about 10 games.
The gameplay is great. Different players have different strengths and weaknesses, and some teams are good and some teams are bad. This makes it much more fun since i like to take teams that are bad (Italy) through the little league world series and beat the best team (New York)
Overall this is the best NES game anyone will ever play.