Lode Runner

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Reviewer: Leroy Date: Apr 28, 2003
Of all the old Computer games that they put on Nintendo, I love this game the most. The graphics may be simple the game play may be simple but yet it is challenging in itself

Graphics: 7
Again as I said simple graphics but they get the point across. You know what it all is supposed to look like anyway.

Sound: 3
Simple SFX this is a part where the game lacks a little bit.

Gameplay: 9
The gameplay is what makes this game. The puzzles of digging are great. And even though it can be difficult this is what makes the game fun.

Overall: 7
I love this game. It is a great game for people of all ages. I recommend that you at least try this game. It is a decent puzzle game and it isn't hard but it takes a while to defeat because there are a lot of levels

Again this is a fun game I like it