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Reviewer: Tylak Date: Nov 12, 2005
Amagon is a very straightforward platformer. It's run and gun with a slight twist. You play as a marine who has crash landed on a bizarre tropical island filled with all sorts of baddies. You have a rifle, bullets, and the ability to transform into the mighty "MEGAGON" when you collect the right powerup.

Graphics: 6
Graphics are fairly standard. The color palette is vibrant and the backgrounds are decent quality for the time. Animation has a certain charm. It's all very standard stuff but it holds together well.

Bosses are generally large and in charge. They often fill the screen and are quite imaginative.

Sound: 7
The music is very catchy! If you play this game for more than an hour you will have a hard time getting the main theme out of your head. Also, transforming into Megagon triggers a special music track that really pumps you up and gets you into beating the crap out of jungle animals. Other than the music there's not much to say about the sound.

Gameplay: 8
Amagon is hard! This game is no walk in the park. You will probably die on the first level. Once you get into the game though you start to get a feel for the overal strategy. You have to conserve your points and be effective as Megagon. Knowing the right time to transform can be the difference between success and failure.

Boss fights tend to be a bit of a let down. Usually you're better off saving your energy and laser blasting them to take them down quickly.

Overall: 7
Amagon is a great platformer for people who want a real challenge. The game flows very well but is generally dependent on memorization. There are few redeeming factors aside from general platformer mayhem. Overall the game does achieve a good general aesthetic.

I recommend ths game to anyone who's a fan of old school platformers. Enjoy.