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Mario's Time Machine!

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Reviewer: Vampy Date: Aug 5, 2002
Salutations! So it was rather annoying me how a lot of these games had these great reviews but you didn't really know anything about them... so I'm on a quest... a quest of DISCOVERY!!!! *insert dramatic thunder and lightning here* Well - the pretense of this game is you, Mario, need to save your loyal dino-side kick, Yoshi, from the clutches of that big evil looking tortoise guy. (so I'm not good at names, ok?) This evil rotter has stolen various artifacts from the past and you need to first find them, then figure out which time they came from, and then find the right spot to put them in....

Graphics: 8
The graphics are cute. In the time zones there are even small little pixies of someone from that time, for instance, in one there is Shakespeare... trés funky!

Sound: 9
The sound changes from time zone to time zone to represent the place you're in.

Gameplay: 6
It took me a bit to figure out exactly what I needed to do (heh - no manual..). You can't just jump on the turtles in the museum phase (You start out in a museum, with doors, you go through a set of doors,bla bla, turtles falling.. bla bla), you need to get under them and knock them silly that way. THEN you have to kick them down the side. Three of these, and you get your prize. To claim your prize, you need to be on the item, pressing down, and then ""b"" button. THEN you go into the time machine. You can not just collect all the items and then go through the time machine - no no! You need to do this one at a time. If you choose the wrong time - (there are little hint boxes in the timezones themselves.. but you need to get to them) or the wrong place in the time zone - a little birdie comes along and takes your artifact and you then have to leave and do it again.

Overall: 8
Overall a cute little game. Gives you a password everytime you manage to guess one so you need not start at the beginning again each time.

I suppose if you wanted to try to classify it, it would be more of a puzzle game where you need to use your noggin (and/or rely on dumb luck..). Happy playing! :)