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Reviewer: HuBBsDoctor Date: Sep 22, 2005
MegaMan 2 was one of those sequels in the era of the NES that is easily remembered because it improved so much over its predessor. A game that came out with a popular icon who thus to this day is easily remembered by everyone. Megaman 2 was one of the best in the series with its intense action and game design.

Graphics: 8
Megaman 2's graphics thrived on its original looking enviroments and stellar character/enemy design. The attention tod etail on on sprites in the game is stellar. The bigger they get the greater they look. My only complaint unfortunately is the amount of slowdown that one expereinces in the game. And it happens quite often.

Sound: 6
If there was one part of Megaman 2 that really never saw much of an improvement it would fall on the sound department. While the music is decent overall, the sound effects are nothing short of recycled sound bites from the first game. Sure that may seem unfair but I have heard better sound improvements in other games.

Gameplay: 9
Megaman 2 has some of the best gameplay around for a 2D action platformer. Its fast, furious and hard hitting (when there is no slowdown of course). Megaman 2 also added improvements too. No longer will you die when you touch a spike while temporarily stunned, You no longer slide when you stop moving, and there are new items to take the game to a new level.

Overall: 8
Megaman 2 is a great game overall minus my displeasure for unorginal soundbytes. I found great entertainment value in this game. And the ability to play it in hard adds a little replay value to it. The game also involves some good strategy by forcing you to figure out which weapons work great against which boss character you fight. And overall great expereince that definitely shouldn't be missed.

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Reviewer: Seth Koopa Date: Apr 16, 2005
Capcom evidently realized they had great potential on their hands, because the sequel to the groundbreaking Mega Man turned out to be much, much better than its forerunner. This, the second installment of Mega Man, is the third game I got for myself (second-hand), and is the game which caused me to fall in love with Mega Man.

Graphics: 9
Great! The graphics have been greatly improved to say the least. The boss characters are much more varied in color than in the original Mega Man (where it was limited to red, yellow, black and white), and the worlds are likewise much better rendered and feel much more \'alive\' than the original Mega Man\'s levels ever did.

Sound: 9
There is only one downside to the music; you tend to be distracted from the game and just want to stop and sing along. That\'s rare with video games. This score is breathtaking, and carries the atmosphere quite steadily upon its shoulders.

Gameplay: 9
This game begins the tradition of eight boss characters, and the bosses here are much more imaginative and interesting than in the original Mega Man. This is a very challenging game that will test your quick wits as well as allow you to delve into the luscious, creative world of Mega Man.

Overall: 9
The original Mega Man was just a warm-up. This is where the series really crops up onto the surface, and with a bang at that. Mega Man 2 is a masterpiece of a video game, so addictive that start playing and the words \'go outside\' will lose their meaning until you finish. Well done, Capcom!

And it\'s not Clash Man, it\'s CRASH Man.


Reviewer: Kurt Date: Jun 30, 2003
Ah, another classic NES game. Trailing the first Mega Man game, it improved video game standards not only for the NES itself, but for the whole Mega Man game series.

Graphics: 9
For its time, these graphics were pretty detailed. The backgrounds were a big step up from the first game. I loved the more colorful stages, such as Flash Man or the first stage of Wily's castle. The sprites too, ran very smooth with a lot less sluggishness than previous enemies and characters.

Sound: 8
This game also improved as far as sound. The music became just a little more complex and added some catchy tunes, such as the opening theme. I also found myself humming along oftentimes with Flash Man's or Crash Man's theme. Though the sound was a slight bit tingy, it wasn't prefect, but it still made the game a more enjoyable. the sound effects, too, had a tinginess to them, but there was nothing overly annoying.

Gameplay: 7
Even though control improved from the original game, it was still hard to keep Mega Man from sliding a bit when you moved left or right a bit. Other than that, controlling his shots and aiming, and jumping around was pretty smooth. The bosses were a bit too easy though. I ended up playing the japanese version of the game for more of a challenge, since its nearly impossible compared to this great americanized classic.

Overall: 9
Overall, a great classic to play. I liked having passwords instead of starting over all the time, and great sound, good control and storing up to 4 energy tanks were added perks. Great game, I highly recommend this one to start the Mega Man series with.

Highly-addictive, a must-have for any NES or Mega Man fanatic.


Reviewer: SparksterKnight Date: Oct 18, 2002
Hey! I'm back! This time, I'm reviewing Megaman 2!

So just sit back & reeeeeeeelaaaaaaaaaaaaaaax!

Graphics: 7
CAPCOM did a great job with this! Yet again, Megaman has no nose, but who's looking? *wink* All in all, it was great! It can't compete with Megaman X2 or Megaman 8, but this was a real breakthrough for the NES!

Sound: 8
An improvement from the 1st. I still hear some ""Rock and Roll"" for background music... I'm not putting it down! It was a great touch!

Gameplay: 9
WHOO!!! Easier than Megaman 1! I give THIS one a higher rating!!!!! The controls are simple... the same from the 1st... A to jump, B to fire... Simple enough.

Overall: 7
Great job, CAPCOM! I would have given Megaman 2 a higher rating, but since there were some glitches in it, I had to dock a bit of marks.

Alas, I can't give ya a list of Robot Masters to defeat this time... Find out for yourself! ;)

All in all, this was a well made game! If I had to choose to either buy it or rent it, I'd buy it!!! .... wait... I already have it.... It's a CLASSIC!!!!!

Well, I'm now off to rate Megaman 3!

Until then, seeya!


Reviewer: Hughes Vallières Date: Feb 1, 2002
This is one of my favorite games, even if it's really old. But old games can often be really good.

Graphics: 7
Capcom always had pretty good graphics, even in the past. This game has stunning graphics that impress me even today.

Sound: 8
Good music isn't essential to make a good game, but it really helps. MM2 has one of the best soundtracks in all megaman games, and I still like to listen to its catchy tunes once in a while.

Gameplay: 9
Play control is alomost perfect: I can't honestly find a weakness for this game in that category. Just play it and you'll love its simple and effective responses.

Overall: 7
For everyone who likes megaman games, MM2 is a must. Even if it's a little short, it brings a good balance of challenge and fun.

The fight against Wily at the end is very good and challenging just enough to make you want to play again and again. However, the ending is a little out of the context.


Reviewer: Tom Date: Jul 21, 2001
These graphics..... They were amazing! I loved this game so much! These were better than Mega Man's, I have to say, but I'm glad this one was better!
The sounds were great as well! More memorable themes than EVER before! Fun fun fun!
This gameplay was in fact great! TOO MUCH FUN TO HANDLE! Probably the BEST Mega Man ever ever EVER!


Reviewer: Max Brown Date: Jul 8, 2001
It's off to save the world again! The blue bomber is off to save the world, not just monsteropolis!(that's where MegaMan 1 took place)Damn, this game rocks! It's an original that won't stay down. It's the best!

Graphics: Great! this was 15 years ago remember, and the bosses just look plain cool.

Sound: Holy Hell! I can't get enough of these tracks! Most memorable music in any game made by CAPCOM.

Gameplay: Perfect...Except for one thing. When you start to run, there is a slight pause in megaman's reaction. doesn't bother me though, I can't really notice it at all.

Overall: Give that game an overall 11! I can't so...whatever. Still, one of the best games to date.


Reviewer: Tricob Date: Jul 4, 2001
Forget the fact that this game is too easy and enjoy a *very* fun Platform game where you defeat bad bosses to use their super powers for your own purposes. Two separate difficulties are available, with the ""difficult"" setting making the game slightly more challenging, and the ""Bubble Man"" and ""Crash Man"" worlds more interesting in places (Example: Shoot a snail, and his shell is knocked off, and the snail moves much faster!). The music for the first two post-boss worlds is unforgettable and a true gem. It's sometimes more frustrating than fun, and - again - it's simply too easy, but I still play this game often and enjoy it. Check it out. :-)