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Reviewer: Seth Koopa Date: Oct 1, 2005
The last Mega man game for the NES is also the one that puzzled me most as to whether I liked it or not. And while I took what I saw with a grain of salt (but interest, nevertheless) upon first playing, after all this time I have only one conclusion - I like this game. And very much at that. In fact, I think I'm ready to overcome my stubbornness and see this as a Mega man game in its own right.

Graphics: 9
The graphics convey all the bosses and environments very well, and isn't doing the game justice the responsibility of all game graphics? The imagination the game has to offer has plenty of space here, as usually when it comes to Mega man.

Sound: 9
Having overcome my narrow-mindedness about this game, I also grew to realise how much some of its music touches me. Some of the bosses present especially captivating tunes. The tunes of Wind man and Flame man are the fist class examples of that. Flame man's tune is very catchy and enthralling, and could feel at home in Mega man III! Wind man's tune touches me just as much if not more; it's simple and yet there's a lot to it, and it moves me deeply.

Other bosses hold catchy tunes as well, such as Tomahawk man, though some tunes (like Yamato man's) sound rather dull. Blizzard man and Centaur man's tunes you remember for a long time afterwards, though they don't particularly touch me. Having beaten the eight bosses, the music plummets to a rehashed, dull form, unfortunately.

Overall, the music has its good points and its bad points. The good points far outweigh the bad points, fortunately, but overall the music (if I must rate it) earns a nine in my book.

Gameplay: 8
Now, where to begin? The boss characters and the levels are definitely one of the game's great strengths (as I've said before, to me a Mega man game's heart lies in its eight boss characters). Some of the bosses are interesting, moving characters, such as (in my book) Wind man and Flame man. On the other hand, Plant man has to be the lamest idea for a boss in the history of Mega man (and I mean that in a flattering way.) The way he looks, honestly (call me shallow but this is how I see it). On the whole, the boss characters carry the game on its shoulders quite steadily, though (to be greedy) I would have liked to see more bosses that touched me.

The levels are all very characteristic for each boss, and hats off to that (although Plant man's stage looks suspiciously like Wood man's stage from "Mega man II"). The new feature of a statistics opening screen for the bosses is also a nice touch. The fact that you also see what the levels are is also the jigsaw piece always missing to the believability.

But there are bad spots on the canvas as well. Rush has been taken away in exchange for a hover and strength armour. And, sadly, after you've defeated the eight bosses, not only does the game plummet in terms of music, but of gameplay as well. The "Mr X" storyline is dull and predictable, and you think "isn't enough enough?" - something that I never think upon playing the first half of the game.

But that's fine by me. To me, the main part of the game (THE game, if you will), is the part where you go after the eight bosses. If the game retains some strength after that, that's just an added bonus. This game doesn't offer that bonus, but the first part is definitely worth my thumbs up.

Overall: 8
I used to consider this game as "Mega man V - part II", not as a stand-alone game. I have changed my mind. This game, like all games, has its ups and downs, but is on the whole a game worth creating. As far as I'm concerned, if a Mega man game has music and/or bosses that charm me to offer, that's enough for me.

(I know I said I was going to review all five Mega man games in order, but I consider this an exception, as I originally wasn't going to review this game.)


Reviewer: Kurt Date: Jul 13, 2005
Ah, good ol' Megaman 6. Probably the easiest Megaman game I've played next to my all-time favorite, Megaman 3. Megaman 6 didn't have any real cheats or glitches to help you along. But it did improve on some things from other games in the series on NES.

Graphics: 8
All in all, the graphics didn't change much, except for a tiny bit more detail. The only stages I really noticed a big change in were Tomahawk Man's stage, namely, the sun, and how you can see heat coming off of it. Other stages, such as Flame Man's or Plant Man's, were pretty close to the standard Megaman stage: Basic theme, some hidden stuff in the backgrounds, etc.
The sprites didn't improve much either. Still smooth-rolling, and Megaman looked pretty much the same.

Sound: 7
The sound wasn't spectacular, although, in some cases, I did find myself humming along with a few of the tunes, such as Tomahawk Man's tune, or Blizzard Man's, which were two of the bouncier ones. The sound effects were pretty standard; nothing really stood out. I'd say it was a re-vamp or overhaul of Megaman 5's sounds and music.

Gameplay: 9
Unlike other Megaman games I've played in the series, except for MM3, this game's control was exceptional(at least, in MY opinion). Executing the slide wasn't as sluggish, and he movement seemed smoother, and more relaxed.

Like the first Megaman game, you can't take any energy off the bosses' meters while they're flashing. But to put it mildly: The bosses were much easier than I'd expected, and it rather disappointed me. For the last game of this series on NES, I had hoped that Capcom would have made this one more of a challenge.

You still have "BEAT", and you have a new array of other items to use, such as "Rush Jet Adapter", a "Power Adapter", and there is also an energy balancer, which fills up your lowest weapon energy without you having to switch to that weapon, upon obtaining a weapon capsule.

Overall: 9
All in all, not a bad game. A few new items, a couple of old ones to keep the nostalgia for the other games alive, and great control. The only real downsides are a couple of dry, more dull music tunes, and the plot: You can tell who Mr. X is, just by looking at him. And you know that because it wouldn't be a Megaman game without Dr. Wily behind some "clever" scheme.

I come back to playing this one more than, say, Megamans 4 and 5. But I still go back to others more. But this one is still a must-have to complete your collection.


Reviewer: Mayor Adam West Date: Aug 29, 2003
It's about that time again. Teenagers all over America are rediscovering the joys of classic video games of the 80's and 90's. With this rediscovery comes many joys, be they nostalgic joys, first-time-playing-a-game-joys, or just plain i-don't-understand-this-game-at-all-but-it-sure-is-funny-to-laugh-at-what-was-once-considered-good-gameplay joys. With that being said, one might beg the question, "Mayor Adam West, what does a classic gamer such as yourself think of a classic game like Megaman 6?" Fret not, my friends as I am about to answer such a question.

Graphics: 9
Graphically speaking, this game is mindblowing. However, it's a shame kids of today with their Halos and their Vice Cities, they are unable to appreciate the the originality of a game such as Megaman 6. True, Halo and Vice City are life-like, but where's the fun in that? Megaman's graphics were great because they were original. Maybe a little bit too influenced by anime (and definately too influenced by anime in more recent Megaman offspring) but still highly original. I deducted one point for glitches such as when Megaman and 3-6 other things are on the screen at the same time, the game play slows down (which has been the case since Megaman 3). Though if you really think about it, this could be a primitive form of bullet-time game play, similar to Enter the Matrix.

Sound: 10
Absolutely brilliant. Megaman is always a classic for sounds and music. My all-time favorite theme songs is of course, Flashman, but in this particular game, Windman, Plantman, and Tomahawkman have songs of interest. However, the ROM available on this site sounds rather bad when played through a JNES emulator and I highly recommend playing this game on an actual NES with an actual cartridge for the best sound quality.

Gameplay: 5
This is the section that I have most complaints. First of all, every single boss sucks. Here's the breakdown: Blizzardman = a complex version of Iceman (MM1); Windman = Airman (MM2); Flameman = a mixture of Fireman (MM1) and Heatman (MM2); Plantman is justa recycled Woodman (MM2); Tomahawkman has an attack that looks disturbingly similar to Needleman (MM3); Yamatoman should be called Spearman because he doesn't really do anything other than twirl his spear, and Centaurman is just an advanced version of Flashman (MM2) or Brightman (MM4) (maybe Iceman again if you wanna get technical with the freezing thing). And frankly, I'm not quite sure what teleportation and freezing people has to do with being a centaur. Couldn't they have just made him Teleport/freezeman? His level also bugs me because it's 'the water level' (every old skool game has a water level, this one in particular REALLY resembles Bubbleman (MM2) and Diveman (MM4)) and again, I am in the dark about what this has to do with being a centaur. For Capcom's information, centaurs' primary weapons were swords and arrows, not guns and teleportation/freezing.

Apart from the horrors which i just described, the gameplay is excellent. In fact, this game features one of my favorite aspects and that is the Rush adaptor suits. Instead of having to pull out the dog and jump on him whenever you need him (as in MM3-MM5) you simply wear him and he does your bidding in that manner. The flight suit is the most fun ability in any Megaman game. Ever. The power punching suit isn't quite as fun, but it's very handy for knocking down walls, though now that i think about it, it's just a limitless version of the Crashman Power from MM2.

Codes, Energy Tanks, Sliding, Beat, and Fliptop (that's his name right? the guy that brings you stuff in some levels)
Codes (as introduced in MM2) became more simple to enter as opposed to MM3 (only one color of dot unlike the red AND blue dots of MM3). Energy tanks are a MUST HAVE for fighting bosses, due to the fact that whenever they touch you, your life bar goes down and their's remains the same. That's one aspect of this game that I really never liked because if you think about it realistically, in a collision of two large metal objects of such high mecahnical intricacy, both objects are going to suffer damages, not just one. Sliding isn't as important in this game as it is for others like MM3 (where it was introduced) though it can come in handy for dodging bosses attacks. Beat (your bird friend, introduced in MM5) is totally useless in this game and also ridiculously hard to get. Don't waste your time with him. But if you have in the past, don't you think having him is a little bit like that movie The Crow? Creepy huh? Anyway, as for Fliptop, I love this guy. He was introduced in MM4 and he's always a great place to get energy tanks. What's that you say? He doesn't always give you energy tanks? The trick is to make sure that you're hanging on a ladder when he comes out to give you your gift. When he gives you something other than an energy tank, climb down the ladder so that the screen scrolls down with you, then climb back up and Fliptop will be refreshed with a brand new item for you. Repeat until satisfied.

When you really think about it though, this game didn't have anything new like the other games had (MM2=saving, 8 bosses instead of 6, items 1 2 and 3, 4 energy tanks; MM3=sliding, Rush dog, 9 energy tanks; MM4=Fliptop, Megabuster, Baloon, Wire; MM5=Beat). True, the Rush adaptor thing was cool, but it was based on previous Rush technology so that's not really a new function.

Overall: 8
The game is great. It's best to play really late at night while trading the controller between a friend or two each time that you die.

Megaman is a legendary character who will always live on despite his changes of platform. I was dismayed to learn that he had a game for the Sega Genesis and that he had sold out to Play Station. I think that there is a PS2 mutation of Megaman out there, but I know i won't be buying it.


Reviewer: Westone Date: Dec 1, 2002
This game is one of my favs, i think it was just as good as the other Mega Man's and anyone that likes the Mega Man series should try this one.

Graphics: 8
With the SNES coming in these graphics were getting sort of old and were no longer considered great, but they were still good for the NES.

Sound: 8
Again, the SNES causes the sound to go down a notch.

Gameplay: 9
Wonderful, jump, shoot; you don't need much more in a game. really really awesome.

Overall: 9
Even with the SNES out there and the other Mega Man games, this still deserves to have a high marking here. Still a wonderful game.

Great, great game


Reviewer: Tricob Date: Jul 11, 2001
In 1993, the popularity of the original NES was fading, and the SNES was taking over. This year - unless I'm mistaken - was the last year that *any* game for the NES was released. Nintendo no longer had to worry about a game not selling, because they were going to stop making the things soon anyway.

While this opened the door for a lot of games whose concepts were too risky to take on before (""Tetris 2"", ""Kirby's Adventure"", and ""Zen ...""), many games were simply not very good, such as the 1993 re-hash of Pac-man and Ms. Pac-man (which Nintendo did earlier anyway), and this Mega Man sequel here.

I can say that it is, in some ways, better than any other NES Megaman out there: The ""boss description"" screen is excellent, as is the beginning of the boss confrontations and the sequence where Mega Man acquires the boss's powers (MM aims his gun for the screen, fires, there's a blinding light, and then MM's power suit is on, followed by a demonstration of what the power suit does). There's even some excellent levels (Blizzardman and Knightman, for instance).

There's also, unfortunately, a lot of bland moments in the game, sometimes even throughout for an entire level. Windman's world - and all the worlds after the eight bosses - are very good examples of this ""blandness"". To make matters worse, Rush Coil is taken away as an excuse to defeat Plantman and get a Rocket Pack.

What you end up with - if you do all that - is a game that's impossible to love, and impossible to hate. It's somewhere in between ""like"" and ""dislike"" for me, and I keep changing my mind. Rather than be blind to the best sequences in the game, I'm slapping this game with a ""6"" rating and leaving it at that.


Reviewer: airbat Date: Jul 10, 2001
Megaman's Sixth and Final appearance on the NES. Like all the other games before it, this one involves megaman battling against 8 (*ALWAYS* 8) robots who just hang about in empty rooms at the end of elaborate fortresses. Anyhoo, this time around, a bunch of fighting robots go beserk at the robot tournament (run by the mysterious ""Mr. X"", who incidently has a penchant for putting Huge letters on his Mecha-Fortresses like Megaman's long time foil, Dr. Wily *hint hint*) and once again, Megaman has to go out and stop them.

Pretty much, the game plays as it has since Megaman 4. You run around, charge up your X-buster(or is it mega?), shoot stuff, fight the robot bosses, and collect letters/whatever to enable special powerups. Unlike Megaman 5, however, the powerup you collect is actually Kinda useful (sorry, I found BEAT to be TOTALLY WORTHLESS compared to the trouble that you had to go through to get him.) One bright side to this Game is that almost every level has two ways to go through it(one being the ""correct"" way, which lands you a Power-up letter), which adds a TAD bit of variety to the game. Unfortunately, the rest of the game is pretty much the same as it has Been Since Megaman 4. Also, by this point, Capcom was REALLY scraping the barrel trying to come up with Robot Bosses, so almost every single Boss in this game is Ultra lame.. from the Flower Petal wearing Plant man to the Turban Wearing flame man, and all the others in between...and the fact that they were too lazy to Design Mr. X, its pretty much just Dr. Wily in a blue robe, that's IT!!!

Bottom line, Its pretty much just a case of Capcom milking Megaman for all he's worth, without really applying anything into the game (Even though that Megaman Legends and EXE are steps in the right direction). I only recomend this game if you are just a Total Megaman junkie, or You can beat Megaman 1,2,3,4 and X with your eyes shut, cant get a hold of Megaman Legends or EXE, and are Just DESPERATE for some sort of Mega- related gaming.