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Reviewer: john diehl, jr Date: Nov 6, 2003
Galactic peace has been shattered by the villianous Space Pirates and now intergalactic bounty hunter Samus Aran must step forward and brave the perils of the Zebesian underworld as she races to stop the manical Mother Brain.

Graphics: 7
The backgrounds, though often repeated, convey the feeling that you are in an alien underworld though it is often difficult to know your exact position. The character and enemy animation are basic but convey the sense of hunter and prey.

Sound: 8
The music is often fun and energetic. The sound effects are average but at least when Samus dies you don't have to hear that gut-wrenching cry that she has on the Gamecube Metroid Prime.

Gameplay: 10
The difficulty is insane but not unbeatable. Weaponary and upgrades are spread around the massive underworld and you have to hunt them down. The bosses are pains but not unbearable. It's like an intergalactic game of hide and go seek. The programmers have hidden numerous items for you to find and now you have to go and seek them out.

Overall: 9
Metroid may not be the prettiest game on the market but it is a fun and challenge science fiction epic. I would have given it an overall of 8 but it gets an extra point for being one of the first video games to feature a female main character.

Over the past 17 years, Metroid has gained quite a massive following. Samus' saga currently spans four systems and five awesome games. If you haven't given the original Metroid a try so now. You'll be glad that you did.


Reviewer: MK23 Date: Jun 25, 2003
If you haven't played any game in the series, I must ask "WHAT ROCK HAVE YOU BEEN LIVING UNDER SINCE 1986?" This is the epitome of ALL sci-fi platform games. I suggest you play this for a little while at least. If you're not hooked, then there's something seriously wrong with you.

Graphics: 8
The graphics are excellent for a NES game. Perhaps my vision is clouded by the Far superior Super Metroid, but this game was the best of it's age. Crisp graphics, excellent animation, all rolled together into one awesome package.

Sound: 7
The music is good, but the sound seemed sub-par. I'm sorry, it just does.

Gameplay: 10
Excellent. Just the right pace, lots of exploring, plenty of shooting, many hidden passages, and lots of fun. You can get lost for HOURS inside the planet Zebes.

Overall: 9
A nice, solid package. If you're fans of this genre, then you've already played this game. If you haven't played it, DO IT NOW. I guaruntee you'll be hooked.


Reviewer: Tommy Arcade Date: Apr 4, 2003
Hey guys! This is Tommy Arcade. I wanna chill about this game that has been a classic for a long time, METROID. This was one of the few Nintendo games then that went on to Video Game History. This game set the bar for all alien hunting games yet to come. Its a game where u are an alien hunter name Samus and u are sent to the planet of Metroid. You go through a huge area collecting weapons, bombs, blasting enemies and bosses to get to the evil MOTHER BRAIN! Good storyline and it really pulls together.

Graphics: 9
Beautiful graphics. Nintendo did something right with this. The characters are crisp, concise for this system. The area is bigger than life and Mother Brain looks so good (not in that way you sick perv).

Sound: 8
The sound is really nice. The soundtrack goes really good with the game. Makes it sound like ur really blasting and killing Metroid scumbags.

Gameplay: 10
This is the part where it really counts for me. Ive played this game and it is a challenge and a half! If youve heard about me, I loooooove a great challenge. The storyline goes with it and the game moves on and it is one pitfall and peril after another and t never ends. From the little metroid creature to the Mother Brain. The gameplay kicks major Schimmy!!!

Overall: 9
Great Game. This was a classic to remember. A legendary game in the making. This is one of the few games that actually succeeded the first time in making. This game evolved to better games like Metroid 2 for Game Boy, Metroid Fusion for GBA and Metroid Prime for Gamecube. This is a game to get in great with. I stamp my TOMMY ARCADE SEAL OF APPROVAL on this game.

Metroid will still live on for Video Generations to come. Samus is the hero that will stand tall alongside Mario, Link, Simon Belmont, Megaman, and all the other heroes that stand tall today. Until next time, GAME IT UP!!!

*Tommy Arcade*


Reviewer: Kenneth Date: Sep 1, 2002
Metroid. What else can I say? This game is one of the pure classics of the NES, heck, one of the greatest games of all time. This ranks right up there with the Super Mario Bros., the Final Fantasy(s), even the Mega Mans.

Graphics: 10
WAYYY ahead of their time. This was 1986 when this game was made. (It did however, came to the US in August 1987) The colours would change as you enter different environments, something unheard of back then. My favourite has to be the ""bubble"" backgrounds of Norfair. And who could forget all of Brinstar and all the parts it had? It was just amazing what they did with this game, despite the limitations they had.

Sound: 10
Excellent. The music and sound are the best part of this game. You can hook your NES up to a stereo system and put this game in and it is very detailed. The highs and the lows are expressed very well in this game. The bass is just so awesome. The best music would probably have to be the Escape music after you beat Mother Brain. It makes you nervous when you are trying to escape with only 999 game ticks. Each theme also sets the mood of the game, e.g Brinstar theme, means a brand new adventure. Tourain music, getting towards the end. Excellent soundtrack here.

Gameplay: 10
Yes, this game is very long. If you played it for the first time, it takes a while to get used to it. I've been playing this game for 12 years now. It is worth playing over again because of the different endings. I completed it in 83 minutes for the first time, and for the second quest, I cut it down to 36 minutes. For the people who haven't played the game yet, I won't give away what happens if you beat it in under 5 hours, or even under 45 minutes. Very exciting gameplay, worth playing over and over again.

Overall: 10
Great game overall. High marks in everything. Sure, it may not be like it is now, with 3D graphics, surround sound and all that stuff. But if it wasn't for any of the classics on the NES (Metroid, Mario, Mega Man, Final Fantasy) the video game industry would never have been the same.

Hats off to Nintendo for a great game!


Reviewer: Nathan Date: Apr 26, 2002
Metroid is about a ""cyborg"" space bounty hunter by the name of Samus Aran. She was sent by the Galactic Federation Police to (singlehandedly) destroy the Space Pirates, their leader, Mother Brain, and the Metroid infestation. The basic plot to the game is about finding powerups, exploring secret areas on planet Zebes (They misspelled it ""Zebeth"" on the game's introduction) destroying the Space Pirate Mini-Bosses, Ridley and Kraid. Destroying them enables you to go down to Toruian. I am not one to give away endings, so I will leave you to play it for yourself to see how it ends.

Graphics: 9
The graphics on this game are truly awesome for it's time. Of course people born around the time SNES or N64 came out wouldn't even know the value of these classics! I like how the color palettes change accouding to the climate or situation of the area would be (sometimes the area-connecting doors would get a little jacked, but it is still all awesome). Most of the Chozo vaults are identical in each area of planet Zebes (my favorites are the ones in Norfair because they are a kind of a challenge to get to with the acidic base). The bomb explosion is also very good along with my favorite part of Norfair, the Screw Attack.

Sound: 8
The music and sound effects are really great especially for how they make the different sounds with missiles, bombs, and beams that Samus acquires. The music for each area is also great because it sets the mood for the area. Take the beginning, for instance. The music there is as if you just arrived and you are excited to start your mission and cant wait to see what is in store. Whereas at the end, in Tourian, the music is wierd and spooky showing that there is grave danger ahead with the Metroids. Overall here, the sound and music is totally great.

Gameplay: 10
The gameplay for this game is totally, without a doubt, AWESOME! The control over the character on how she moves is great because you can either jump strait up without spinning or you can do flips in the air as you jump as you press the direction you want Samus to jump (which will also let you use the invaluable Screw Attack). The ability to use a wide range of beams, which you can go back for if you have a different one, is great because there is a specifig use for each one. Missiles are used in the important areas like the Chozo vaults and for destroying Metroids (only after they get frozen by the Ice Beam). This game is great for the control and gameplay, not to mention, story.

Overall: 10
Overall, this game is, by far, one of the best, most original, well though out, game in the history of video gaming. You haven't played a game in your life if you haven't played Metroid (or it's sequels). It is an awesome game and I wouldn't sell the copy I have for any amount of money (unless I could buy it back again from somewhere else). I have been playing the game since I was 3 years young and I am still in love with it.

This game has a great story to it and will always be in my number one game, as well with Metroid II: Return of Samus, and Metroid 3: Super Metroid. I am still on the edge of my seat waiting for the release of Metroid 4 for Game Boy Advance and the prequel to it all: Metroid Prime! In closing, happy Metroid hunting!


Reviewer: Jake Date: Nov 8, 2001
This game brings back many memories... of getting my ass kicked. I was only 6 years old when my brother bought this game, and I sucked at it. Most of the time, I would watch my brother play it. Now that I'm finally at an age where I can play these games and win, I can review this little bundle of joy.

The basic premise is simple.. go to an alien planet, and stop Mother Brain from using Metroids (life-sucking parasites... think of the face-huggers in ""Alien."") to take over the galaxy, or something to that effect. Of course, you don't know any of this unless you have the instruction manual in your posession, which is the case with most of the old nintendo games. All you get from the title screen is a brief message stating that you must go to the planet ""Zeebeth"" (which is supposed to be ""Zeebes"") and destroy the metroids.

You land on the home world (of course, you appear in a symbolic spot, between to symmetrical pillars), and the game begins. The first thing that old NES gamers were surprised at was the fact that, unlike the original ""Super Mario Bros.,"" you could travel to the left of the screen, as well as thr right. Wow. I guess that's not such a big deal today.

Graphics: 8
The graphics are laughable when you look at what the NES is capable of in its last generation of games, but the graphics are WAY ahead of their time. Actually, I give credit to the Metroid development team for being able to switch color palettes in the same parts of the world, and doing so through a subtle ""palette switching room."" (like in Brinstar where the blocks change from blue to gold) Also, it was very smart thinking on part of the R&D team to use ""elevators"" as a means to switch the graphics tiles and color palettes for the different worlds in a smooth fashion.

Sound: 8
The sound, again, is both primative and ahead of its time. The programmers were creative enough to use different sound effects for the different beams that Samus can obtain.

The music is full of classic NES hits, which I still play through my head from time to time. My favorites are the themes from Brinstar and Kraid's Lair, and also the music from the final ""escape"" sequence. And let's not forget the music from the Chozo Vaults. It's a sublte, eerie tune that plays while you're running through this icy vault. You come to a red door, which takes 5 missiles to blow open, and inside is a freaky stature of a bird, holding out what may be a helpful item. The music accents the mood of suspense prefectly.

Gameplay: 8
You can't deny that Metroid is full of classic gameplay. This is the first true ""free roaming adventure"" that I can think of, unless you also want to include ""The Legend of Zelda."" However, I don't think I have met a single person who has finished this game without a copy of ""Nintendo Power,"" or with someone who reads it breathing their your neck while they play. The game itself is confusing. With many rooms and corridors looking identical to other ones, it's extremely difficult to really have a good sense of where you are and where you're going. However, much credit to the game designers for the idea of using single room ""paterns"" which could be spliced together to create vertical shafts and horizontal corridors.

It's the coolest feeling to beat Mother Brain, and find out that, for the first time in the game, you have a deadline. Make a series of difficult jumps in a small amount of time and get to the escape elevator, or you're DEAD! When I made it to the top for the first time, I was the happiest camper alive.

Overall: 9
While this game feels primative and raw, that's part of what makes it so great. Getting lost is a burden, but it's also half the fun. This game creates an atmosphere and sucks you into it, which can't be said about most video games. I have judged the graphics, sound, and gameplay, but what really makes me think this game is great is the entire experience. It's the thrill of finding that hidden passage. It's the tension when you KNOW you're just outside Kraid's room. You can feel your heart pounding in your chest when you're in Tourian, and every Metroid you encounter could mean death, if you're half a second too slow with the Ice Beam. It's just a great experience.

Metroid has created a huge following over the years, with two increadible sequels (one for Game Boy and one for Super Nintendo), a fourth installment headed for Game Boy Advance, and the awesome 'prequel' that's coming to the GameCube. I, like many others, am a loyal fan. I own all three games, and I just may buy a GameCube, in spite of my Playstation 2, just so I can play ""Metroid Prime.""

This game is so popular that it has established a cult following, made up of people who can conquer the game in less than an hour, and almost never take a hit.

People have torn this game apart, and have found every secret the programmers put into the game, as well as secrets that were just dumb accidents. A good example of one of these ""accidents"" is the infamous ""Hidden World,"" where you can access an entire ""hidden area"" inside Ripley's Lair, using that crazy wall jump trick. People have argued and argued over what the significance of this world is, while the rest of us know that it is just a glitch. The programmers didn't know that you could send Samus through the ceiling, and access map data that you shouldn't be able to. The so-called ""Hidden World"" is actually level data for Norfair, displayed with the level tiles for ""Ripley's Hideout.""

Some people still refuse to acknowledge these areas as game glitches, and are devoted to finding hidden areas in other parts of the game. THAT is the kind of influence that this game has.

When console gaming becomes history, only a few of the best video game series will be remembered. They will probably be Mario, Zelda, Metal Gear, Final Fantasy, and our good old friend Metroid.


Reviewer: michael Bearden Date: Sep 27, 2001
Metroid aghh the game that could it began in 1988 when I played this outstanding masterpiece the game rocked. The story stars Samus a bounty hunter that has to go to planet Zebes and destroy the space pirates the Metroids and the Mechanized Space Pirate Leader Mother brain as an reward you got to see the true Identity of Samus Aran if you beat the game in 45 minutes. I give this game a 10 out of 10 stars