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Micro Machines

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Reviewer: Chicobo394 Date: Jun 21, 2001
This is one of the better racing games for the NES. The track layouts are very clever and are in real life settings (kitchen, school, beach, garden, etc.)The sound is OK, it doesn't get annoying but there's no music during the races. I can live with that but the music before the race and at the title screen are quite annoying. The gameplay is very good. In 1P mode you race against 3 CPU players in over 15 tracks using various vehicles (helicopters, jeeps, sportcars, tanks, etc.) Each of the vehicles control differently so you have to get used to them first.

2P mode works differently. You and a friend ""race"" on a course but the screen barely scrolls. It's little hard for me to explain; if you go to the end of the screen while staying on the track, you get a point and you restart from that place where you got the point. Keep doing this until you get all of the points (I forgot how many you need.) This means that these ""races"" can last a little as half a lap, making this mode very boring and not fun. But push that aside and you got a great racing game for the NES.

Note: I tried playing the ROM on NESticle x.xx, but I got a black screen, so use a different emulator instead.


Reviewer: Tricob Date: Jun 21, 2001
You race against opponents using toy cars, and have to overcome obstacles like large pits, large (to the cars) pools of water, and spilled peanut butter. Sounds *ridiculous*, doesn't it?

It is, but it's also very fun, and you'll be amazed at how entertaining it is. You race against four other opponents, select who you race against, and you'll laugh along the way.

There's no Difficulty Select here, unlike Tetris or Mega Man 2, but at least it's good, clean fun. *Lots* of fun.