Arch Rivals: A Basketbrawl!

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Reviewer: Hazieview Date: Oct 1, 2004
I rather enjoy this game of 2 on 2 full contact basketball. I mean not only do you get to enjoy playing basketball but you also punch your opponent and even pull his pants down. I too think this is a fun game for a few laughs.... Worth a try if you like basketball, humor, and well a little senseless violence.

Graphics: 9
I think the graphics are rather decent for this game. I mean you can do things such as break the backboard, trip over spilled refreshments which a fan threw on the court at halftime, and you can even trip over the referee. So the graphics were decent and clever for nes in my opinion.

Sound: 7
The sound in this game is well.... nothing special, really. It's just like any other nes game out there. Short, simple and kinda repetitive but it's something you can get over, it doesn't make you not want to play the game or anything so it's cool.

Gameplay: 8
Pretty easy to get the controls down, there are tutorials and tips in the game that tell you how to do certain moves. However I felt it a little challenging sometimes to actually beat your oppenent, but it can be done.

Overall: 8
As I said before this is a fun humorous game in which you play 2on2 in full contact basketball. If you like basketball but don't really like all those boring rules then this is your game. Give it a shot.

(I didn't know where to put this comment so I will put it here. The only thing that I found a little repetitive and boring was the fact that it shows you a screen after EVERY time you score like of your coach or a cheer leader etc. But otherwise it's a fun game I think.)


Reviewer: Buddy Lee Date: Sep 9, 2001
It's this Full Contact basketball in an arcade style gameplay.... you punch other guys out... the halfs are short, it brings back memories of me going to the arcade as a kid, but other than that... it's not the best basketball game out there...... still it doesn't suck, it's good for a few laughs... and if you're looking for something akin to Mutant Leauge Football instead of a real to life bball this is the best there is,......