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Reviewer: Tricob Date: Sep 5, 2001
Suppose Nintendo wanted to take Prince of Persia to the next level, with the story being told in bits and pieces after each level. The game has scrolling backgrounds, better animation, and a different soundtrack for each level.

This seems to be the idea of Moon Crystal, and does a lot that I've seen in no other Nintendo game in the world. The soundtracks are unforgettable, the graphics and animation to the storyline are fantastic, and ever since I started playing it, I've never looked at NES games the same again.

The story: The village residents are abducted by once-dead people as part of a scheme involving the Moon Crystal. But the undead missed one boy named Ricky.

Ricky tries to find out what the Moon Crystal has to do with the abduction.

You can jump next to platforms and climb up (like Prince of Persia), duck, and even acquire a ""double-jump boot"". This boot will allow you to make a second jump in mid-air if you are still moving upward from your first jump.

But the game isn't perfect. The introduction before the title screen is edited out in several places, since this needed to be done to fit everything into one cartridge. Just skip this with the [Start] button, start the game, and then watch the flashback that appears to get the basic idea of the story.

The Japanese-to-English translations aren't perfect either, as there are questionable uses of the words ""monstrous"", ""research"", and ""misuse"".

Finally, the bosses all the way up to Stage 5 - despite their many ablities - can all be defeated by simply standing right in front of them and sitting there, firing repeatedly at them.

Still, quite an amazing game. You're sure to find me playing it six months after I beat it, watching me view the storyline and playing the game, and I'll still impressed by it.