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Reviewer: Tekki Date: Jan 19, 2002
MULE is a fascinating game that makes something like economics and the stock market...well, fun. It's very creative and fun to play.

Graphics: 7
Eh...the graphics weren't too good, but the animations were smooth enough, so I didn't take off too many points. Graphics weren't the point of the game anyway.

Sound: 8
The sound wasn't all too good either, although I loved some of the little quirky sounds you get here and there...then there's the end-of-the-turn tune...quirky is the only way to describe it, but I liked it.

Gameplay: 10
Gameplay is where this game excels. If you have human opponents it's even better. This game let you employ all sorts of strategies, from capturing Big Foot type creatures for money, to capitalizing on a food shortage, you could do it all in the game...short of blasting an opponent into oblivion that is.

Overall: 9
As a whole, this game was very well thought out, as well as being fun. The game had no apparent flaws, with random events, rather intelligent computer AI, and enough variety at the tougher difficulty levels, this game offered alot.

I always enjoyed playing it, and it's a fun multiplayer game. But some people just don't like it. I love a good modern shoot'em up, or a modern RTS, but I always will like old classics like this best


Reviewer: Omnitarian Date: Sep 14, 2001
Oh my Gosh. Where to begin. Well, I simply must say that this is my most hated game of all time, and, In my opinion, the worst game on the Nes. Basically, It's a strategy game, but there's absolutely no strategy involved whatsoever. The game is terrible to look at, there is almost no sound, and all the player does is press buttons and move. The game moves at less than a snail's pace, and everything is just terrible. I can not play this game for more than 5 minutes, so it's best you stay away from it.