Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back

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Reviewer: El stinko Date: Nov 28, 2018
In my opinion I think crash bandicoot2 is the best option to pick if you want a classic crash bandicoot title. Overall the level design and control feels the best across all crash games. And much fewer horrible vehicle levels than cb3.

Graphics: 9
I'd say for a ps1 title the graphics hold up very well. The animation is what really sells it for me. This game uses vertex animation and I think it really allowed the animators to really put in a lot of fun n wacky animations for the characters.

Sound: 7
Pretty much uses stock sounds. I like the voice actors I think they did a nice job. Even though they are stock sounds I think it still works as for me I've always seen crash as something made to be akin to loony tunes characters, and the sounds sound like they would fit right in those kind if cartoons.

Gameplay: 10
Definitely the best of the series. It controls much better than crash one feeling much more refined. The slide adds a lot more platforming opportunity and it's overall just enjoyable to play.

Overall: 9
Overall if you're looking for a great platforming game for the ps1 ABSOLUTELY go for crash 2. The gems are a bit tricky and the level design for some of the gem extra levels are stinky stinky, but overall the whole experience ends up being just simple fun. Obviously it might not be easy for some newer players but I don't think it should be too hard even for some of the newer players.


Reviewer: KDawg Date: Jun 11, 2011
Crash Bandicoot 2 was a game that captured my heart as a little kid with a PS1 and a lot of spare time. The Game kept me glued to the screen for hours on end, anxiously awaiting the next world.

Graphics: 8
The graphics in the game are quite good for the game's era. What took me by surprise with the graphics, was the game's large variety of themes throughout the different worlds. Even between levels in the same world, clear distinctions could be seen, and levels were memorable because of their distinctive graphics.

Sound: 6
The music is casual, and good, but can seem repetitive at times. The same can be said for the majority of the sound effects. While they are clean sound effects, and match the theme of the game perfectly, they lack variety. Not BAD sound by any means! But not the greatest.

Gameplay: 9
This is what Crash Bandicoot is all about! Each level presents its own challenges and its own routes. Different game paths can be taken depending on the crystals that the player collects. While some levels can be frustrating, it is rarely to an extreme, and the game feels balanced. The only complaint I have is to the repetitive feel of the Bosses in the game.

Overall: 8
This is a very good game, that's all I have to say! From the various graphics, to the enticing gameplay, this one gets an 8 for me.