3-D WorldRunner

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Reviewer: Jake Date: Jul 10, 2002
Kudos to Squaresoft for creating the closest thing available to a real-time 3-D game on the Nintendo. However, in the words of John Nash, as portrayed by Russell Crowe, ""The game is flawed.""

Graphics: 9
This is a great example of what Nintendo can do. I was especially impressed by the changing perspective of the tiles on the ground as you move from left to right and forward. This must have been a pain in the hind-quarters to develop, because the NES graphics are displayed using tile paterns, not real-time rendering of diagonal lines. Great job. It would have been a ten, except the other graphics look too cartoonish and unpolished.

Sound: 6
Interesting (but annoying) music. There are some interesting SFX, but they aren't that memorable.

Gameplay: 3
This is where it all falls apart. The game is too simple. All you have to do is keep running forward and jumping over pits. You have to dodge pillars too, but that isn't much of a challenge. I got bored very quickly with the whole deal, no matter how novel the game looks. It acts like it really wants to be ""Super Mario Bros. 3-D,"" complete with the ability to shoot fireballs, but fails on all accounts.

Overall: 4
Unfortunately, this game serves better as a technical demo to display the capabilities (and limitations) of the NES. I'm not sure it's even worth a look, unless you are curious about how ""3D"" looks on the NES.