Armed Dragon Fantasy: Villgust

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Reviewer: Truce Date: Sep 15, 2003
If you're reading this review, I doubt it's because this was your favorite NES game and you were looking to someone else's opinion and blah blah blah. Your probabily here because you looked at the title and said "Sounds interesting, maybe I should check it out." I am pleased to inform you that this is a game that is worth your time, but not perfect.

Graphics: 8
I takes a certain someone to love these graphics. While the environments look a lot better than most NES RPGs (if not all), the characters left something to be desired. at first they looked too big but I got over it after a while, but it's the character design that bothered me. Your main character is a cross between a dog and a man. The second character is a cross between a cat and a woman. The third character looks the same but with a purple shirt. See the pattern?

Sound: 7
Eh... The music is all right but can get repetitive, due to the lack of variety. The battle theme is kind of catchy but nothing special.

Gameplay: 8
At first, it seems flawless. When you go into a battle, you will encounter 1-5 monsters. You then assign each of you party members to fight one "or sometimes two" of the monsters. After that you go into battles that are not unlike those in Zelda 2 (aka: real time) The only problem is that it takes too long to fight five little slimes, and later in the game where battles are very frequent this is a major flaw.

Overall: 8
Not a legend, but never the less, this game should keep you busy for a while. If you bothered to read up to here in my review you should try it out.

By the way, this is one of the first NES games (from what i've seen) that uses "Bad" language. Ex. beat a boss and the winning message is "you kicked some(I won't say it here, but you can guess)."