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Reviewer: Mark Date: Jul 14, 2003
Paperboy is a simple game in which you, as your local neighborhood paperboy, attempt to deliver papers to your subscribers. Along the way you are met by obstacles such as skateboarders, the neighborhood dog, and a mad lady with a butcher knife.

Graphics: 3
The graphics are weak and simple compared to other games from the same era. There are 4 house models; and you see the same trees, etc. over and over.

Sound: 1
The tune is reptetive and boring; the only other sounds are glass breaking (when your paper hits a window); the dog barking; the "crash" sound when you lose a life; and the "correct" sound when you make a successful delivery.

Gameplay: 7
Gameplay can keep you addicting, however, I lower the points; because; unless you have a Game Genie, you can't gain extra lives at any point of the game.

Overall: 4
It's a game I've played since 1992; but they're are many, many games out there better than this one.


Reviewer: Jigsaw Date: Jul 1, 2001
You are a paperboy who has to make it through the week delivering papers to your customers while avoiding many obstacles along the way. At the end of each day, you are presented with an obstacle course to master.

Why did I give it a 5? There's not really much to this game other than driving down the street throwing papers into mailboxes. It can get quite boring after a while. I didn't find the game very hard and finished it very easily. After that, I worked on my high score records.

High Score Tip: If you get a paper to the door AND to a mailbox you get points for both.