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Reviewer: anizaniacs Date: Apr 3, 2002
If you've watched the cartoon, you'll already know what this game is about. It's about a sailor named Popeye desperately in love with the maiden Olive, but a burly guy named Bluto is also in love with the same woman. So, its a story about two men bickering over one woman.

Graphics: 3
They did better in the cartoon than in this game.

Sound: 4
There isn't much music to hear. It has just the spinach song when Popeye engulfs his can of spinach and the regular three overworld songs.

Gameplay: 4
The game is insane, because it doesn't follow the cartoon fully. What is to be done in Popeye is to collect all of Olive's stranded hearts, musical notes and letters. Plus, garrate Bluto. That's all. Pretty boring to me.

Overall: 6
Just an ordinary game with very boring things to do in it. Bluto should be dealt with like a man by hitting the spinach and whacking him one.

This is one of the worst games made for the NES. Trust me, it is lame.