Prince of Persia

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Reviewer: Visjoner Date: Mar 26, 2003
Ok, I know this isn’t the best version of this game, for not saying the worst, but I like the NES format: so simple, so picturesque, so rustic... In fact, this is the only version I’ve finished, so I can only say my opinion about this one.

Graphics: 4
Similar to the graphics of the first games that were released for this console, so there’s not much to say about this. Such prince is totally rudimentary and its design is almost the same as the player of the game “Tennis”, but bigger. With regard to the rest of sprites, backgrounds and so on, follow the same structure throughout practically all the game. Fortunately, the animation is relatively well done.

Sound: 5
Some sounds might have been much better, of course, but at least the music isn’t a torture like in some other versions I know.

Gameplay: 5
The control is a bit annoying and, besides, I think there are some bugs, because for example sometimes the character doesn’t jump when the player wants to and it’s not possible to descend from a platform to another one in some cases. A part from that, the enemies are easily beatable.

Overall: 5
This game is just an attempt to make a modest version of this classic for this console. Obviously many features could be better, but the limitations of the system made that the developers just managed to get a plain game like this.

A ‘Prince of Persia’ only for fans of NES!


Reviewer: Tricob Date: Aug 20, 2001
What can I say? This is probably the worst port of a PC/Mac game I've ever seen. The game engine is a real embarassment next to the Home Computer game, the control is terrible, and it looks like someone was specifically *instructed* to make the graphics look bad.

This version blows, and the SNES rules. Than Nintendo did Prince of Persia 2 and blew it again. Battlezone, Double Dragon, and the unlicensed Ms. Pacman have proven that Nintendo can do *much* better than this.