Punisher, The

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Reviewer: Thatman Date: Jan 2, 2007
Not original, relatively faithful to the comic, a bit repetitive, but still fun. The game itself has that 'IT' to it that makes the game fun not unlike Contra having 'IT' that other sidescrollers just lacked. To be sure, there aren't many foreground fixed motion games made to begin with, but it's definitely the best of its kind.

Graphics: 7
While the graphics aren't anything great they don't lack at all. Needless to say, it looks good enough to where the eyes won't be bored.

Sound: 5
Meh, you just hear a lot of shooting. There's not much music at all but sax guys worth a listen. He's there every few levels to give the game some hard boiled feel, then back to monotonous 'RATATATATATATATATATATATATATATATATATATATTATATATTA'

Gameplay: 9
Some levels can be long and tiring but not overly dull. Most of the time you'll be too busy greasing bad guys so fret not.

Overall: 7
Overall a solid game you won't feel disappointed when you beat it. The game is pretty easy so you won't be frustrated at repeating levels over and over. Prepare to lose a lot of lives fighting the Kingpin, you just can't avoid that. The best I can do is around 3 or 4 lives lost fighting him but expect to lose 5 to 8 the first time playing him. And shoot EVERYTHING as most things on the screen have prizes behind them. Especially cars.