Puyo Puyo

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Reviewer: TonberryKing Date: Apr 3, 2002
Given that this is most likely the first Puyo Puyo game to ever be created, it is still a solid play even by today's standards. The formula for this puzzle game is so simple, even a lobotomized sheep could learn it: just match up four or more like-colored blobs and presto! You've got a match, and the pieces disappear. However, the pieces that were on top of the pieces you just matched fall, and combos ensue.

Graphics: 6
Nothing to jump up and down about, yet nothing so bad that you can't tell what's going on.

Sound: 6
Some of the tinny music might get irritating after awhile, as with any puzzle game, but fourtunately you can listen to something else while you play.

Gameplay: 8
A stumpifying simple formula that is easy to pick up and tough to master makes this a solid puzzle game. There are tons of tasks to complete in 'mission' mode, and there's 'endless' mode which, suffice to say, never ends. There's even the option to change what your pieces look like.

Overall: 7
Like I said: a nice solid puzzle game that was apparently so succesful, that Compile went on to make many sequels.

Well, that's it.