Rescue: The Embassy Mission

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Reviewer: Doak22 Date: Jun 30, 2001
I saw the title of this game and thought, well... sounds like it might be kind of cool....Oh my gosh was I right. This game has to be one of the best NES games I have every played. It was made before them, but is reminiscint of Rainbow 6 and Metal Gear Solid. Well, here's the ratings.

Graphics: 5
Nothing amazing, just a little worse than average, but doesn't detract from the game at all

Sound: 9
This has to be one of the top supporting roles in the game. This is the first and only NES game, or even SNES game for that matter, that involved actual PROGRAMMING with the sound. Once you play it, as you must, you will instantly notice what I am talking about- when out in the open a fast paced music plays, but once you hide behind a door, etc, the music tones down. Impressive. Plus, it's catchy.

I was tempted to lower this for two reasons- the game is quite short, and one part of the controls is very difficult to get used to. There is only one 'mission' to complete, but over eighteen difficulty levels to do it on. The difficult controls are the use of the select key every so often to change your character, and while buleying down a building you must press down just a tiny bit, and then up and A twice to keep from falling. I told you because I know you are going to play this game.

This game is just so damn fun I couldn't lower this rating. And that's what counts.