Back to the Future Part II & III

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Reviewer: Andrew Date: Dec 4, 2006
In third grade I traded a classic issue of Nintendo power to a kid in class for Back to the Future 2 and 3. In short this game was wildly difficult to understand for a 9 year old. Looking back, its easy to over look the difficulty and non-linear game play and overly challenging mini-games when you consider some of the creative and innovative game play that was pioneered for the NES. I remember vividly traveling back and forth through time not considering the consequences of my actions until suddenly I ran into a duplicate of myself. The game had recorded my actions and when I touched the duplicate Marty McFly it was game over. But despite that one good point, I remember being frustrated that I couldn't just play back to the future 3 on the cartridge like Duck Hunt and Super Mario-Bros. I had to beat this impossibly hard game to get to the sequel included on the cartridge. Back to the Future 3 looked more fun because it's mood seemed lighter.

Graphics: 5
Between the over usage of the colors black and blue-green and old school 1983 sprites for the mini games I don't think I've seen less thought out graphics since this game except for the Chicago museum of modern art.

Sound: 2
Horrible. Dial tone is more attractive then the sound in this game. I think the time machine jumping to 88 miles per hour was almost accurate.

Gameplay: 3
I couldn't get down with the non-linear game play. It took me two weeks to figure out how to call the time machine.

Overall: 3
The game was just too difficult and wasn't much fun. If it was meant to echo the humor and satirical atmosphere of the movies it missed the bullseye completely.

All in all, BttF2 was a very dark and moody game that poorly portrayed the films and ended with me losing the cartridge not really caring what happened to it or not.