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Reviewer: Ryan Date: Dec 18, 2004
The game rygar, takes you into a rugged world where a evil has taken over the world , and now resides in a castle. THe game is considered a underdog game, with origanl character build up it something to admire.You are Rygar, a revived hero from the dead armed with a spiked shied diskus that extends to attack enimes. You get stronger through itmes and fighting.

Graphics: 8
The graphics are good, althou it is glicthy like many games of it\'s time. The scenary makes the game origanal and gives a feel of a post apocliptic world. THe monsters are nicely done and giving a nice monstorous look.

Sound: 9
Origanal music based off a Indian style theme. Nothing like it from the games I played. All of the music is great. The fx is not so great but not something that you will get tired of.

Gameplay: 9
I love the game play a lot. You fight with a spiked shield that extends to attack enimes. You level up by fighting, your health and strength increase this way. You can also get items to restore your health or increase leveling. As you progress you gain itmes like grappling hooks and crossboys to gain other areas. The only problem is that there no password or battery save system making it hard to beat game in one sitting.

Overall: 8
Very good game. You can see that it\'s really has a Indian/Hindu base idea to the theme. I must comment that story is weak, since it looks like something from a 1980\'s anime.

I would like to say that this game is not for every one, the puzzles can confuse some people and make them quit. The challange is just as hard compared any other nes game so, if you need a challange this is it. I would also recommend this game to people who are into anime like Fist of the North star.


Reviewer: Tommy Arcade Date: Apr 4, 2003
Hey Guys! Tommy Arcade here! You know, nothing gets my blood boiling like a big heaping bowl of RYGAR!!! Rygar is a good adventure game where u are Rygar, the legendary warrior. You are sent on a journey to save Centerearth. You are given a boomerang shield and you are on your way destroying enemies, creatures to get to the evil sorcerer. Lets get this review underway!

Graphics: 7
Good graphics. Rygar looks good and the enemies are coming from different directions. The masterz that give you advice look good and detailed so the graphics make my list.

Sound: 4
Sound was so horribly sacrificed. It went somewhat with the game. This soundtrack will never be heard in my car stereo. COUNT ON IT!!!

Gameplay: 6
Good gameplay around. Controlls are good to handl. Needs more of a reaction time for those enemies. I found myself dodging them and he never dodges. Nice try on the game guys. The motive of the game im still trying to figure out.

Overall: 6
Overall, Its a good game. Not great, but good. They are coming out with a new up to date version of RYGAR! The new version will actually do Rygar credit. This one is much better. This first version was not the best attempt. If you like adventure games that kill time in between class, get this game. Youll like it. Until next time, GAME IT UP!!!



Reviewer: jfjnpxmy Date: Aug 31, 2001
Uuh...okay. This game is somewhat ""fruity"", to say the least. In it you take the role (I think) of Rygar, who's a yo-yo weilding chap in Santa Claus pants and a helmet. And no shirt. And you guide this helmetted, Santa trousered lummox through a bizarre quest, that I don't understand due to the fact that the manual has been lost into the depths of time. Highlights of the game involve the Fat Man Prophet (not actually his name) who sits on a pedestal in a little cave, behind more than one door at once, and tells you you can't go on without crossbow, or grappling weapon, or that the entrance to crossox is in the Gran Mountain, or that those stupid enough to face the big scary dog of DEATH will get someplace else. It's all rather bewildering. And how the Fat Man Prophet appears in so many places at once is beyond my feeble little brain's comprehension.
Occasionally, the game switches from it's side on view to a top down view, whereupon you are pelted with spikey turtles and walking trees that shoot cricket balls. Totally insane.
Shit, I'm meant to include an actual review.'s a moderately okay game, it has good music (for a NES game), reasonably good gameplay (you'll never be decimated due to a glitch, or a totally unfair situation) and it's worth the download just for the bizarre factor. Oh yeah.