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Reviewer: Snayven Date: Jun 14, 2007
Let me start by saying that a person must keep in mind that these games are for the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES), not the arcade. The idea behind the rating is to rate it within its relative boundaries. With that said, I will try to keep the boundaries of the NES in mind when I write the rest of this review.

Graphics: 7
This game doesn't look too bad. Keep in mind that other games show what developers could do with the graphics. I would have to say that the animators did a decent job. Considering the graphics in the arcade weren't all that great, I would say that the graphics on the NES are actually better than expected... Especially when juxtaposing NES games and their arcade partners.

Sound: 5
I would select average, but that doesn't seem to exist. When the game was in the arcade it didn't have many sounds. There were the "OOOHHHAAAATTTs" when you powered up, the "YEAAA", the occasional punch sound, girl moan, and "I'M BAD", but other than that, there wasn't much. I would say that they transferred what was available. I agree that more sound should be put in the game, thus the below average rating, but the game is still fun when you play side by side with a friend..... Get up to stage three.. and hear the world famous... that's right, the WORLD FAMOUS WHYYYCHEECHOMAMA. From the ever present Green Ninja.

Gameplay: 6
For a side scroller, this game has decent game play. It certainly isn't as predictable as Ninja Gaiden. (There was a guy that beat that game blind folded) There are certain moves that restrict the character's action, which makes the player feel as if they are not in complete control; however, for a side scroller this game isn't half bad.

Overall: 6
I think the game is great if you play with a friend. Playing by yourself would get boring. The fun part is the side by side competition. I never owned the game myself, but I played a friends house often. I remember we thought it was the greatest thing that we had this game at his house and people were still paying to play it in the arcade.

I wouldn't throw this game to the side just yet. Grab a friend and play the game through. You will compete at least once during that time... and that ladies and gentlemen is just plain fun.


Reviewer: Hyena Date: Mar 17, 2002
I learned of this game from the Zany Video Games Quotes archive.
Essentially, it's just another reason why we're all glad the 80s were over. The ""Bad Dudes"" are a couple of cliche street fighters that take up the brunt of 80s stereotypes.
Allow me to demonstrate, using this game's brilliant dialogue:
Yes, that's what ninjas do. They're not ancient Japanese thieves and assassins like we originally thought. They're evil masterminds whose plans involve kidnapping major political figures for no reason whatsoever.
Are you a bad enough company to take some badly-used slang terms and base an entire game on it?

Graphics: 4
The graphics range from great to hideous. The president actually looks like Reagan.
But the punches and kicks just look hideous. The animation is of very poor quality. I'm going to be generous and give the graphics a four.

Sound: 1
There's sound in this? Could have fooled me.

Gameplay: 1
No one, no matter how masochistic, would play this further than the first level if they had a second game in their possession or any cheap excuse to stop playing. It's horrible. The jerky animation makes beating up ninjas an annoying chore, which it definitely should not be.

Overall: 3
Overall, I'd say 2 out of 10. However, the corny dialogue earns it an extra point, so let's make it 3.

I think that's about it. Thanks. And try not to get kidnapped by ninjas on the way home.